Tuesday 7 July 2020

Startling error found on Queen PSB Machin pane

Over the years we have reported many errors in Prestige Stamp Books, from duplicated pages, duplicate covers, missing panes, inverted panes, etc.  Not since buying the 1980 Wedgwood PSB with central broad phosphor on one pane, can I recall finding anything myself.

So this error on the one complete booklet I purchased from the Bureau was a very pleasant surprise.

I was looking at the iridescent printing to make sure that the M20L MPIL coding was all there (no missing P!), when I noticed that it was substantially shifted to the right.

It was when I took the photo that I realised that the rouletted perforation provided to separate the pane from the selvedge (for FDC production) is also shifted to the right.  The displacement of both perforation and iridescent ink is around 11mm and results in the perforation cutting through the Queen's nose and touching the chin on the 1p stamp.

The other inks and the regular perforations are in the right place, making this quite remarkable.

I mentioned this to some other dealers, but no other examples have been reported to me yet.

I'm open to offers for this as it is not something I am interested in keeping and it belongs with a Machin specialist, I think, or any collector of the bizarre!

UPDATE 12 July.
Chris (in comments) has remarked on receiving two PSBs from the Bureau, only to find that neither of them has the definitive pane at all!  I'm sure the Bureau would exchange them for proper one!

Here's the picture that Chris sent:



  1. Surely cutting off HMQ's nose is a treasonable offence?


  2. Early Bird's don't always profit!!!

    UP early (0330) doing final prep for a controversial (Virtual) Planning Committee meeting, where I've been drafted into the chair. So I thought, lets place my Queen Issue order.....whay do I find......the RM Shop is inaccessible.....GRRRR!

  3. My PSB had no problems with it, yours must have been a big error Ian

  4. Received my 2 PSB's this afternoon. Both are missing the Defintive Pane.

    1. Thanks for the picture Chris. Are we returning to the conditions of 2016/7 period when there were so many errors?


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