Wednesday 1 July 2020

More new Machin counter sheets, booklets

My thanks to reporters who are watching online auctions, particularly Trelantis.

These have been spotted recently, or have been announced by RM through trade channels:

New Machins in July

2p now available eBay item 313131996916 - print date 06/05/2020

10p announced by Royal Mail with print date of 14/05/2020

20p green now available eBay item 313133080811 - print date 14/05/2020

Thanks to RP for the pictures 


2nd Large announced by Royal Mail with a print date of 12/05/2020

2nd class booklet found in various places.  No cylinders seen so far (see above).

That’s all for today!


  1. 2nd Class M20L MTIL now available on eBay #233638438380

  2. The 2nd Large counter stamp M20L is also now available on eBay #254643709865. The same vendor is also offering the set of four NVI counter M20L as a single purchase with several options.


  3. The 10p M20L counter stamp has recently appeared on eBay (for example item #133459955769).


  4. The 12x1st class booklet has been reported and confirmed with M20L printed on SBP2i with cylinder numbers as before. The 6x1st class Queen booklet has also been reported and confirmed printed on SBP2u as well as SBP2i.

    1. Are you able to provide the source of this info, thanks.

    2. Both these books were in my local Post Office. Pack date on 12x1st is 04/05/20 and for the Queen 6x1st the date is 11/05/20.

  5. U2922 5p M20L ex counter sheet is being offered on eBay (#154035963006) but only 'stock' scans being shown.


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