Sunday 5 April 2020

Spot the difference!

A quick Sunday evening snippet, at the end of a glorious sunny day in Norfolk. With so much wet and windy weather in the first few months of the year, it was good to get into the garden - we wouldn't have gone to the coast today even if we could.

So, just to give you something to ponder over this evening - answer tomorrow sometime - can you spot the difference (other than the barcode number) between these two Recorded Delivery blanks? (I took the image from an eBay listing.)

Second question, have you seen the different one before?

Third question, have you seen or got one on cover?

I don't think I have, but I'll have to look closer at what I do have.

Update - Happy Monday morning!
Thanks for the answers overnight.  Here's the reverse - there's a big clue at the lower right, but again you might need to click on it to see it.

I don't think many of the recorded delivery, special delivery or registered labels had the Royal Mail Cruciform on, so few would have the two versions.  In Scotland, Queen Elizabeth is not the Second, so they don't have the E II R cypher on their postboxes, and they use the Scottish crown.  It's much easier to see on the side of this postvan.

Later today I'll be showing some more modern postal history on the other blog. 

At the right-handside of this one, where I list other blogs you will see when the Postal History one gets updated.


  1. The crown is different

  2. The label on the left is the English version with the St. Edward's Crown in the Royal Mail Cruciform logo while the label on the right is the Scottish version using the Crown of Scotland.


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