Tuesday 21 April 2020

Where to find the unusual

We don't normally advertise offerings from specific other dealers, but some readers, especially those outside the UK, may be interested in buying some of the odd-ball items that we have mentioned in the recent and more distant past.

Many UK readers will be aware of the varied offerings from Rushstamps, and the sales list prepared for the London 2020 exhibition is full of them!  You can download it here.

Going right back to the 2012 Olympics, readers may well remember this non-stamp, of which examples are known postally used:

These are offered as singles, miniature sheets of 6, and full sheets of 24, and a few used examples.

Even further back, something I wasn't aware of at the time, a strip of three imperforate 97p stamps from the Gerry Anderson set.

Tucked away on a page of Machin phosphor omitted errors, and imperf pairs, they also have this gem (central stamp):

This is the 2017 Accession commemoration self-adhesive forgery.

I'm sure you will find it interesting; for ordinary sets and definitives however, we can match the prices if we have the item in our stock, and more will be added by the time our shop reopens.

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