Wednesday 18 March 2020

London 2022 - this year's international rescheduled

The organising committee for the London 2020 International Exhibition has announced that due to the Coronavirus situation, the show has been rescheduled for 2022.

In a newsletter new dates were announced which will mean that the International will replace Spring Stampex.

19 to 26 February 2022

Clearly in the ever changing circumstances this was the only option.  As far as stamp issues are concerned, the retail booklet issued last week has been issued, and that is a fact.

But the other planned stamp issues - the stamps have probably been printed but have not yet been distributed - will surely now be postponed, unless Royal Mail decide that the 180th anniversary of the Penny Black and the 150th anniversary of the first stamped postcard are worth commemorating in their own right, so that some of their printing costs can be recovered.

I think it would be a cynical move, and a mistake to do this.

Whilst the 182nd and 152nd anniversaries should not be marked, the same stamps and products could be issued in two years' time, and surely few would suggest that the show should not be marked in some way.

Doubtless Royal Mail will tell us in due course how they are changing your plans, and we will report them here as soon as we can.

Update 20 March - see

As for other issues, there is no reason not to issue them; Coronation Street is still on its 60th anniversary albeit with a reduced number of episodes per week.

See you in a couple of years!  Stay safe!


  1. Message from Royal Mail - Can we have out stamp booklets back please

    1. I’ve published this anonymous comment, but I’m not sure why.

      As I have said previously, the booklet has been issued over a week, there’s no going back.

      I won’t publish any more cryptic comments like this.

      If you HAVE been asked, send me a copy. If you’re joking, put a smilie or winking emoji.

      I haven’t got time for anything else.


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