Friday 9 August 2019

Revised 2019 stamp issue programme from Royal Mail

Because of the addition of the Cricket World Cup issue to the 2019 programme, Royal Mail have revised some publicity dates which will affect when cover producers will have pictures on their websites, and when we will eb able to provide details here.

That said, the programme is still subject to change; there is no firm date for the Cricket sheet - it would be good to have it during Stampex (11-14 Sept. ) but that won't happen - and all these dates are subject to change.

The programme is (updated 9 August, and this may not be the last change):

15 January:  Stamp Classics MS for the 150th Anniversary of the RPSL  (Details here)
13 February: Leonardo Da Vinci set of 12 plus PSB with M18L Machins
14 March: Marvel Comics
4 April: Birds of Prey
2 May: British Engineering
24 May: Queen Victoria Bicentenary

29 May:  Stockholmia 2019 Exhibition sheet (also marks RPSL 150)
6 June: D-Day
9 July: Curious Customs
13 Aug: Forests

 3 September - Musical Giants  - No information available before the issue date
19 Sept: Royal Navy Ships - detailed information available 12 Sept. Set of 6 & retail booklet.

26 September - Cricket World Cup - two miniature sheets

10 October - TBA - detailed information 1 October

5 Nov: Christmas - FDC producers info 8 October; general info release on date of issue but will certainly be usual set of 8, miniature sheet, and retail booklets.

26 November - TBA - detailed information 12 November

Postmarking arrangements. 
Music Giants III Stamp Issue – Postmarking Extension
In order to give customers sufficient time to prepare their covers and postcards as well as submit sponsored postmark requests Royal Mail is extending the availability of all postmarks relating to the Music Giants III stamp issue by 28 days from the First Day of Issue (3 September). All items requiring a Music Giants IIII related postmark should be received by Royal Mail Special Handstamp Centres by 8th October. 

Any sponsored postmarks received after publication of this [September] Postmark Bulletin will appear in the October edition and customers will be able to have these postmarks applied to covers up to and including 5th November.

Similar arrangements may be made for the 10 October and 26 November releases.  


  1. The longer Royal Mail delays the Cricket World Cup winners' sheets, the less likely it is that 'occasional' purchasers will have any interest - the euphoria of the event has already receded to the point where one of my colleagues questioned "Was that this year?"

    The earlier indicated issue date of 22 August would have made some timetabling sense (in terms of spacing out late summer/autumn issues), but shoehorning it into September (already two issues and Stampex on top) makes it even less likely that any other than completists will dig deep.

  2. Right so on the 14 December 2019, sees part 9 in a series of films that started in 1977. Could the 26 November 2019 be the third time Royal Mail have produced a ‘blockbuster’ issue?

    1. As told to me last week by slip of tongue whilst talking to a lady at royal mail, November 26 2019 issue will be Apollo, then very quickly changed the conversation. As for the cricket just cancel the whole thing, when the Olympic winners stamp 2012 was produced it was done next day and then you got them within a day or two, and its not as if these stamps will be used in normal postal usage or the many other stamps churned out these days.

    2. Apollo is a code name.

      Olympics - arrangements were made and announced beforehand.

      Ashes, Rugby Cup, Andy Murray - long delay between events and stamps but not as long as this is going to be

  3. Are the Musical Giants stamp set out tomorrow, as there is nothing online to say they are to be issued tomorrow, to order online.

    1. Yes, and they will be on a new blogpost from midnight.

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  5. Will you at the same time be putting up the info regarding the xxxxxxxxx issue in October as kindly told to me last Thursday by the RM 2xFDC's, miniature sheet, presentation pack, coin cover and all the other usual bits and pieces. When I asked if this was under the embargo!!!!!! I was told no it wasn't,it is going to be busy here from Tuesday. When asked why not make it easier by putting everything up on the website now, reply 'No comment'

    1. Without corroboration I can't publish your post in full. Can you please email me at the address at the top of the page indicating if the information was

      - Royal Mail Tallents House or elsewhere

      - telephone, email, or social media?


    2. So its Elton John, as seen right now on the royal mail website, so much for embargo, time slot's and other rubbish. As for October not saying where info came from information can be found by asking the right questions. As with the cricket won't be buying these either.

  6. The Oct 10th 'blockbuster' issue is now on RM's website. The rights and wrongs of a) RM's embargo, and b) the actual subject matter - I'll leave for other bloggers to debate. I'm just disappointed that the 'Generic/Collector's sheet' only features stamps from the mini-sheet, when for another £1 the 10 stamps could have been the set of 6 special stamps, plus the 4 stamps from the mini-sheet, without any duplication.


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