Friday 23 August 2019

Ships of the Royal Navy - 19 September 2019

As already mentioned Royal Mail's main September stamp issue features ships of the Royal Navy.  We cannot supply details until the week before, but the first day cover producers are already showing their products on their websites.

Here's a link to the Adrian Bradbury product; Buckingham have emailed their customers with pictures of their cover but I can't see it on their website yet.  The picture on the emails shows a rather plain drawing of HMS King George V.

However, what these do show is a set of 8 stamps in se-tenant pairs all apparently depicting paintings.  The two first class stamps are also shown in a retail booklet of 6 in the standard format.

Bradbury's covers feature the Mary Rose and HMS Victory, and a full list is of the designs is provided:
1st Class Mary Rose
1st Class HMS Queen Elizabeth
£1.35 HMS Victory
£1.35 HMS Dreadnought
£1.55 HMS Warrior
£1.55 Sovereign of the Seas
£1.60 HMS King George V
£1.60 HMS Beagle
Postcrossers will be pleased to see a pair of stamps for the AIrmail 20g Europe / 10g World letter / Postcard rate of £1.35.

The first, but by no means all, of the special handstamps are shown on Royal Mail's Postmark webpage together with the Stampex postmarks for the week before.  This is the first time for many years that there is no first day postmark at Stampex.


  1. What is this silly thing where cover producers can show illustrations of any new stamps but no one else can?
    I was in a Post Office today buying a book of 6x1st class stamps and all they had was the previous book with two special issue stamps in and when I asked if they had the book with just Machin stamps I was told no but there was a new book coming out soon containing four Machin definitives and two new special issue stamps of ????? I won't say who so as not to spoil it for others.

  2. One each of these values would have been sufficient and the retail book could of been two different stamps especially with all the other rubbish coming up, I now see today (Daily Mail on Sunday) that the October issue is Elton John, so much of this Keep it under wraps!!!.So why do we need a music giant in September? and if all these issue's are known by Cover producer's, R Mail and in the know dealers why don't R Mail put them all up on their web site to give collector's a longer time to save money and buy what they want and encourage people into collecting.

    1. If it is Elton John - and the Mail on Sunday does occasionally get things right - why now?

      March 2017 could have seen an issue marking Sir Elton's 70th birthday, January 2021 will see the 50th anniversary of his first - and, in my far-from-humble opinion, best - hit ("Your Song").

      I've nothing against Sir Elton - anyone who, in changing his by deed poll, takes as his middle name that of the Steptoes' horse, is fine by me - and I have enjoyed (much of) his music immensely, but why has Royal Mail chosen 2019 to mark his career?

      In the year which has seen the centenary of the first Transatlantic powered flight, the 50th anniversary of the first man on the moon, Royal Mail could find no space for no space for a 'milestones of achievement' issue. (The cynic in me wonders if this was partly because all of those likely to be featured would have been male, and ignoring history is better than offending the PC brigade.)

    2. You can buy FDE blanks in Post offices now

  3. The issue date is only nine days away, and there's still no information on the Royal Mail Shop pages. They don't seem at all interested in promoting these stamps.

    1. Eventually there are... This issue is now on RM's pages.

  4. (At least) the first class stamps were on sale several days earlier at the PO in the basement of a hardware store just up the Strand from SG. I picked up a couple from there on Friday 13th September.


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