Sunday, 2 June 2019

Machin news - June 2019

Due to confusion over what has and has not been seen or found recently I have decided that I will only put details of new stamps on the blog if I have been sent a picture or a link to an online listing which shows a picture.  All eBay sightings must be reported with an item number.  As with the reports of slogan postmarks, there will be one Machin posting per month, and this will be updated during the month.  So please check around the beginning of each month for that month's news.

The latest new stamp to be reported is the 100g Special Delivery printed on 26/03/19:

The latest addition to this year's Machin discoveries is the 2nd Large retail book of  4 which was on eBay but not now available.

What's really interesting is the different 2nd Large stamps that have been reprinted, whilst at Post Office branches 2nd Large stock is often three or four years old.

New Machin checklist

I have been nearly ready to issue a new version of the Norvic Machin Checklist several times when new information has been received.  Then we had news that the Stanley Gibbons Concise catalogue would have some more number changes, so I thought it best to await that, just to confirm what the catalogue editor had done, for my comparison tables.  Unfortunately the original May publication date meant the end of May, and now we are expecting it around 12th June.  So as soon as copies arrive and our list has been updated, a new version will be added to the usual dropbox link.

Meanwhile, we stand ready to receive your reports on more new finds, thank you!


  1. For the £1.60, print dates are 7/1/19 for SBP2i and 15/2/19 for SBP2u. There are photos at and

  2. U3032 2nd Large M19L MFIL now showing on eBay at 233252446206

  3. The 2nd class large MFIL are back on sale now Ian FYI

  4. The 4x2nd Large MFIL M19L is back on ebay as of this morning. Presumably supplies are intermittent?