Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Next stamp issue, Curious Customs - 9 July 2019

Royal Mail's next special stamp issue is the Curious Customs set of eight, on 9 July 2019.  My understanding is that no details of these should be made available until later this month but they are already showing on at least one first day cover producer's website.

You can see the cover here.

The set consists of se-tenant pairs of 2nd class, 1st class and two airmail rate (£1.55 and £1.65).  Designs include Halloween, Cheese Rolling, Bog Snorkeling, and Up Helly Aa.  Locations include Brighton, Lerwick, Padstow, and Abbots Bromley.

More details later when we are permitted, which at present appears to be 2 July.


  1. I just do not understand why the cover producers can show these stamps on their websites but no one else can. Maybe it is because the stamps on the covers are no longer mint stamps.

  2. Gurning! Ha! Wonder if I still have any Mr Grumpy stamps left - maybe would make a nice combo with the gurning plus additional postage for sending a letter to the US!

  3. My Order Advice Note says that the total cost will be £9.37. P&P @ 45p presumably.
    However from the details supplied the total cost would seem to be £9.47.
    Thank you for the information Ian.

    1. Anonymous, if you count the values ie 2 x 2nd @ 61p = 1.22, 2 x 1st @ 70p = 1.40, 2 @ 1.55 = 3.10, & 2 x 1.60 = 3.20 that adds up to £8.92 then add the P&P 45p = £9.37

  4. Just when you think Royal Mail has scraped the bottom of the barrel, along comes this set of eight of the most hideous stamps I've ever had the misfortune to see.

  5. Fired up by the sheer awfulness of this proposed issue I came across a comment of Sir Kenneth Clark who resigned from the Chairmanship of the Stamp Advisory Committee as long ago as 1965 saying, “There had been a change of outlook in the production of stamps with which I was not in sympathy .... I was afraid that the admission of pictorial stamps would lead to complete banality”. How he right he was.

  6. I remember a few years back sending in some suggestions to Royal Mail. No response and none came to pass. An Post is quite happy to receive suggestions for stamps.

    This theme wasn't mentioned in the poll options RM had a couple of years ago. And although customs could be something to celebrate, they could have chosen some better ones. Maybe the London Marathon for charity, dressed in fancy dress (I wonder, has anyone ran it in a postbox costume?), the village fete, ....

    I know I am in the minority as a stamp user. I write a lot of letters and use the commemorative stamps. They do get talked about in letters. My penpals enjoy seeing the different stamps, and have tried to use the stamps I think they'd like (some penpals have children who are into comics or Marvel or Harry Potter...). As long as a stamp looks nice or is celebrating/commemorating something of importance/interest to me/my penfriends, I'm likely to buy the stamps to use.