Monday 17 June 2019

When the ink runs out, you get a different type of impression.

Long-term readers will recall the introduction in 2015 of this new wavy line self-inking handstamp which was supposed to eliminate or reduce pen-cancels.

As with counter date stamps the unit contains an ink-pad which, over time, requires re-inking, or replacing.  If you can't get any ink, what then... ?  You give up and reach for the pen!

Or, as with this example, you bang it onto an ordinary ink pad, as used for the packet handstamps, which produces a new variant of the wavy lines:

I have seen one other like this, which I can't now find.  Either somebody asked on a forum over the weekend, or it was an email which I have lost.  Either way, my apologies and I hope you are reading here, as this explains your question.

Update:  I've now found the other example, which is peculiar!  It looks as if the user initially used it without pushing down the centre to get the wavy lines, and so just got the frame.  Then used it again with the device pushed down.

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  1. Well, at least it is better than the dreaded biro or marker pen


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