Thursday 8 November 2018

RPSL Anniversary to be marked by January stamp issue?

According to the December issue of Stamp Magazine, a member newsletter from the Royal Philatelic Society of London reports that a miniature sheet will be issued by Royal Mail in January to mark the 150th anniversary of the Society.  The MS is said to feature classic British stamps.

More news when we get it and when Royal Mail allow is to report it.  Meanwhile my fellow-blogger White Knight on Commonwealth Stamps Opinion provides more information straight from the RPSL.

On 14 December Petemk wrote:
Ian:  I received my order advice note (from Royal Mail) for the January issue yesterday, it will be Classic Stamps at a cost of £7.11 This will be issued on 15th January

This works out at 3 each 1st class and  £1.55 airmail rates (+45p handling charge).


  1. Wasn't that on the cards anyway? I think I saw it mentioned in that survey poll thing a couple of years back for the 2019 stamp programme.

  2. Sounds exciting, particularly if they are copies of the originals rather than large ones with backgrounds Then they would be useful for sending letters with making them more likely to be stocked by Post Offices

  3. Note that it’s a miniature sheet.


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