Monday 5 November 2018

Christmas won't be early for some RM customers

A friend who has a standing order with Royal Mail Tallents House hasn't yet received his Christmas stamps, which should have been delivered on Thursday 1st November.

On phoning the call centre at Doxford* he was told that they (ie Edinburgh) were likely very busy with Harry Potter stamps, but that he ought to get his Christmas stamps by the end of this week.  Just as well the special handstamp centres are overloaded with work, if anybody yet to receive their stamps was going to do first day covers.   Shouldn't you expect to get stamps on the day of issue?

* If you're not exactly sure where this is, it seems to be a business park in the outskirts of Sunderland.  Not, as Google throws up first, a wooded area half way between Bamburgh and Alnwick, in Northumberland.


  1. Hi Folks , I also phoned the call centre yesterday as I am still waiting for Harry Potter covers sent to Mount Pleasant SHC on the 16th October ( 3 weeks ago today )and was told they were very very busy indeed with Harry Potter but hopefully they will be on their way soon !! Never had this problem before with any issue which usually arrive within a week. Interestingly my local sub post office having advertised the issue only received 3 sheets of Harry Potter and wanted to limit sales to full sets only in order not to disappoint customers.

    1. My Local Village Post Office only gets 30 Stamps for each issue if 10 in a set then that's 3 sets no chance to do much! ask why only 30 stamps and told
      Royal Mail want PO's to use Labels for everything, Rob

  2. My Local Post Office only had 30 Harry Potter Stamps,when 10 Stamps are issued that makes just 3 Complete Sets, the Post Office is told to you use Label as they get more money for their use! Rob

  3. What a pity that the Harry Potter stamps take priority over our Christmas stamps which we have had since the 1960's.

  4. Yes, my friend still hasn't had his Christmas stamps today.


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