Wednesday 28 November 2018

New definitives now available to order.

The counter sheet definitives and those from the Harry Potter prestige stamp book to be issued next week have now been listed on our shop, together with the latest reprints to be received.  Note that no orders for the new stamps will be posted until next week as they are not issued until 4 December.
UPDATE 29 November: thank you for the 27 orders received so far; the weekend will be taken up with domestic matters, so it is possible that even those that are not waiting for anything may not be posted by Tuesday next.
UPDATE 1 December:   due to the large number of orders received, some items are showing as out of stock.  This is happening faster than I can check whether more can be made available, eg singles from date blocks or booklets.   If there are other stamps that you would like added, please put the details in 'Additional Information' and do NOT pay, especially by PayPal.  If they are available and we can supply them, we will provide you with the total to be paid by your usual means (PayPal, cheque, card, bank transfer.)  Thanks.

These include:
2913.8b  -  2nd class Large - 3rd printing 29/10/18 - dull blue phosphor
3010.8a  -  10p second printing 08/05/18 - blue phosphor and yellow fluorescence
3020.8a  -  20p second printing 08/05/18 - blue phosphor and yellow fluorescence
3101.8a  -  £1 second printing 09/05/18 - blue phosphor and yellow fluorescence

2992.8  -  1st Large Signed For - new stamp.
(Note the 1st Signed For will not be issued until 2019)

Business sheets have also been restocked.

Also listed is an impressive phosphor variety on the second printing of the 2nd class Large.  The phosphor has been dragged across the stamp, as shown in these pictures.  This is listed as 2913.8av and we have only one cylinder block.

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