Friday 23 November 2018

First Day Covers 4 December 2018

Following the news below about the postponement of the 1st Signed For definitive Walsall reprint, we are now offering first day covers listed.  Nobody who responded to the previous offering wanted all 8 (or 7) stamps on one cover, so we've changed the offer.

1.  Four Harry Potter PSB definitives on Harry Potter FDC with appropriate HP postmark - £5.00

2.  Three counter sheet stamps, SD100, SD500, and 1st Large Signed For on definitive FDC with Windsor postmark - £23.75

3.  1st Large Signed For ONLY on definitive FDC with Windsor postmark - £4.50

Postage extra; can be combined with orders for mint stamps etc from our shop.

I'll contact the customers who have already ordered by early next week.

If anybody else would like any of these FDCs please email ian[at] by before 28 November.  Thanks.

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