Sunday 26 August 2018

Closure/relocation of Trafalgar Square Post Office

From a comment on another thread, but not specific to that subject:

Any one visiting Trafalgar Square post office from early September may want to be aware of its revised opening hours


As a consequence of the landlord’s extensive development plans and their subsequent impact on the branch, regrettably Trafalgar Square Post Office branch will close permanently at this location in December 2018. 

We are committed to re-establishing services locally and are working to find a long-term solution for the Trafalgar Square area. 

In the meantime there are several branches in the area which may provide suitable alternatives for customers.  Lower Regent Street Post Office is located just 0.5  miles from Trafalgar Square Post Office and a further four branches, New Oxford Street, Poland Street, Aldwych and Broadway Post Office are within a mile of the current branch.


  1. Could they not have waited until after Stampex? Lets hope the City of London Branch are prepared.

  2. And now it’s closure is announced!


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