Wednesday 29 August 2018

Early sale of World War I Centenary stamps

This year's stamps marking the Centenary of World War I are due for release on 13 September.  But the Commonwealth Stamps Opinion blog reports an early release offered for sale on an internet auction on 28 August!

Given that many Post Offices don't use higher values it's surprising that this is the £1.55 value, rather than a 1st class.   See more here.

If you're interested in Post and Go, Commonwealth stamps, thematics, or provisionals, the latest epistle from WhiteKnight also includes the latest Post & Go from Guernsey, and some provisional surcharges from The Republic of South Sudan.  If you are tired the easy task of collecting GB stamps, you could do worse than look for commercially used covers from smaller African nations.  They must be scarce!


  1. Romford (WHSmiths) had the Mail by Bike in their SSks on 22 August 2018 (ebay 123331719653)

    As Post Office Locals don’t (or not supposed to) get special stamp other than the (Christmas, it must have come from a main or a Crown (directly managed) branch.

    1. There are others apart from Crown and Main, including sub-post offices that never converted to Local model under Network Transformation, and those which were never considered for NT because they were the only shopin isolated areas.

      But yes, it would not have come from a Local unless specially ordered in.

  2. There are no rules anymore with issue dates etc, is that a surprise since Post offices are now in many WH Smiths and staff employed by WH Smiths.


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