Friday 2 February 2018

February 2018 Slogan Postmarks

The first occasion in February marked by a slogan postmark is World Cancer Day.  The slogan actually started on 26 January so the first part of this record is a repeat of the January log.

World Cancer Day 4 February


South Midlands Mail Centre 29 January and Home Counties North MC 26 January 2018.


Thanks to RW for a much better example with text on 5 lines, from Bristol Mail Centre on 30 January.

I'm hoping that Royal Mail will, on the appropriate weeks, mark the Votes for Women campaign and Royal Air Force Centenary.  The latter is on 1 April (after the Centenary stamp issue, so no FDCs with a slogan?), and the royal assent was given to the Representation of the People Act on 6 February 1918.  It's unlikely that a slogan will run from then until the stamps are issued on 15th, though.

UPDATE 5 February
As predicted (hey, I'm getting good at this!) the Representation of the People Act is marked by a new slogan; MB sent this example from North West Midlands dated last Saturday 03/02/2018.  The wording is:

100 Years since
the Representation
of the People
Act 1918


And the other layout from Mount Pleasant on 02-02-2018 (Friday on 2nd class)

UPDATE 11 February
Royal Mail are supporting TeamGB at the winter olympics in Pyeongchang.  Thanks to a number of readers (KC, JE, MB, JC, GF & JG) who have sent in examples of this slogan while we were away.  These are the best of them.  The slogan #WeAreTheGreat has been chosen by/for TeamGB and is in use on twitter, instagram, Facebook etc.  It doesn’t look good unless you know!  Irregular printing of the Royal Mail Cruciform adds to the poor display in some cases.  As usual there are 5- and 4-line versions from different machines.
Team GB at
Pyeongchang 2018
Winter Olympics


UPDATE 13 February
In previous years Royal Mail has urged us to Send a Card for St Valentines Day (missing the 'Saint' as so many do):

This year we have a quotation from John Donne - different, to say the least.  Thanks to MB & JG for North West Midlands on 12 February and Peterborough MC on 8 February

"More than kisses,
letters mingle souls"
- John Donne
Valentine's Day 2018

UPDATE 19 February
With St Valentine's Day out of the way we might have had a slogan for a big event in London, but there wasn't one for Stampex.  Two people have sent me the slogan for London Fashion Week, but only one layout so far.  The one shown is North West Midlands (Wolverhampton) 17/02/2018, it was also in use at Cumbria Dumfries & Galloway on 15/02/2018.

16-20 FEBRUARY 2018

And one from Exter Mail Centre 17.01.2018 in the other format.

UPDATE 1 March
Thanks to peterh on Stampboards, I can show this example of January's Burns Night slogan running at Southampton Mail Centre a month later on 27/02/2018!

UPDATE 7 March
Just creeping into February is the slogan for World Book Day which is on 1 March.  This slogan was used at North West Midlands on 28 February, and I assume nationwide and only on the one day.  Royal Mail's media department is silent on the subject as usual.

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