Thursday 1 February 2018

January Postmark Bulletin errors.

By now the edition of the Royal Mail Postmark Bulletin dated (bizarrely) 3 January and including Handstamps for January and February will be landing on doormats, or be downloaded.  

Note that some are included which were not on the 'Postmarks' webpage, but several that should have been included have been omitted.  Specifically 14422 to 14429 have not been included in the Bulletin.  As images should be removed from that webpage now that the Bulletin is out (that's the idea, despite the continued presence of those that were in the December issue), I'll show them here.

Also, the latest issue includes 14435 which is for Votes for Women, but not 14431-4.  Since we received the emailed Bulletin on Monday, 16 new handstamps have been added to the webpage, most of them for February issues, so do look again.


And remember, you have until 10 days after the hard copy arrives on your desk to send covers for postmarking.  Currently this means that Handstamp Centres are dealing with late Game of Thrones and advance Votes for Women (and Mail by Sea) and in February/March they will still be dealing with the latter two when advance supplies of the RAF Centenary covers are getting to them.  Very important to mark your covers and outer packets with the correct numbers and dates.

UPDATE 2 February 
A second Bulletin, dated 26 January has been sent out by email today.

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