Tuesday 12 September 2017

More Post and Go News

In the absence of news about ordinary stamps, and in particular Machin definitives, some more news today about Post and Go, from Royal Mail and Jersey Post.

Royal Mail
Royal Signals Museum - Kiosk A011
On 9th June A011 at the Royal Signals Museum will commemorate the White Helmets Motorcycle Display team, who are disbanding. Motorcycles were used extensively by the Royal Signals as courier transport. There will be a new logo on the Union Flag only and this will run until the stamp is replaced with the Poppy Stamp.

Jersey Post

From 18 September until 16 October, the JE02 Post and Go kiosk at Broad Street post office will dispense Jersey Crests stamps with the inscription: Super League Triathlon 2017, in honour of the first ever Super League Triathlon event which takes place in Jersey from 23rd - 24th September. A limited number of collectors' strips will be available from the Jersey Philatelic Bureau whilst stocks last.

Super League Triathlon is a new championship series combining the three core triathlon disciplines but with an alternative approach to the Olympic standard. Points are awarded for three individual stages: the Triple Mix, the Equaliser and the Eliminator rounds.

UPDATE: More about this on WhiteKnight's Commonwealth Stamps Info blog.

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  1. Nice to see Royal Mail are up to date with their Post & Go news. Pity they was issued three months ago.


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