Friday 8 September 2017

Machin and Shop Update

We must apologise that nothing has been added to our shop since re-opening last week.  

We have not yet received supplies of the 2nd Large booklet and business sheet definitive stamps. 

We expect to have these by the middle of next week (around 13th), which will be the day before Stampex after which we will also have a few Stampex Post and Go sets.  There may be other finds at Stampex: this is unlikely, but who knows?


  1. I notice, of late Royal Mail is issuing more pictorial stamps than the Machins. For example, the World War 1 PSB does not have any single Machin stamp and so do so many other issues and booklets. Only the Machin Anniversary had lots of Machins and the reason is obvious. Here too, most of these will be bought by stamp collectors than actual users.
    Is this an attempt to wean away the public from their regular memory of Machin stamps?
    Machin stamp is an icon like the Big Ben and erasing it from public memory is going to be an uphill task!!!

    1. Not sure what you mean by issuing fewer Machins. Aside from the tariff change stamps every spring, and the predictable and inevitable reprints of 30/40 security-featured stamps each year, the only others are in PSBs which are not bought by 'actual users'.

      SO even if the WWI PSB had had 8 new Machins, they wouldn't have had actual postal use except by collectors. There will be more in the Star Wars PSB, and they won't get used by 'actual users' either.


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