Wednesday 10 May 2017

Royal Mail Post and Go Update - Museums

Royal Mail's erratic updating of its Post and Go webpage continues.  Nothing about operational machines at Enquiry Offices, but this is the latest Museum news.
Latest news

Royal Navy Submarine Museum - A004
Overprint ‘HMS Alliance 14th May 1947’ will be on both Union and Machin stamps from Friday 19th May until close Sunday 18th June. This marks the launch date of the submarine which is now at RNSM.

Explosion! Museum of Naval Firepower - A007
Overprint ‘Heligoland Big Bang 1947’ will be on both Union Flag and Machin from Friday 19th May until close Sunday 18th June.
This is to commemorate Operation ‘Big Bang’ on 18th April 1947 - the attempted destruction of all Germany’s military installations on the small island of Heligoland.
As usual, we will not be stocking these, and this is for information only.

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  1. New Post Office trial ssks


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