Saturday 6 May 2017

More new Machin definitive printings

Two more new definitive stamps are now available, the counter sheets of 5p and 20p.  

The 5p was printed on 09/03/17 and the 20p on 02/03/17: both are printed on paper with security printing, SBP2.  A new printing of the £1.17 on 07/04/17 is also available, also on SBP2.

The new stamps will be added to our Checklist for the next edition which will be published during next week.  Pictures of the new stamps will be added here soon and they will be available on the webshop when it reopens, with numbers 3005.7 and 3020.7


  1. Also just noticed 1st Class MTIL M17L and 1st Large MBIL M17L being offered for sale.

  2. The following are now also available: 1p and 2p M17L ex counter sheets and 2nd MTIL M17L ex booklet.

  3. We will have these two in stock on our return.


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