Wednesday 12 April 2017

Royal Mail Postmark Bulletin Update

As readers who are interested will know, the Postmark Bulletin is supposed to be moving from
twice a month to monthly in April.

We had thought that the absence of a new edition since 10 March was part of this but apparently not.  The Bulletin is not produced in-house but is externally sourced: not just the hard copy but the pdf as well.  Problems with the contractor have delayed the 24 March and 7 April editions.  I am told that these have been resolved and that the editions should appear 'soon'.

It is unfortunate that despite having a webpage for Bulletins, Royal Mail can't be bothered to keep customers up to date with a message there about the delay.


  1. How did interested readers know that the Bulletin was changing to monthly? I think I'm in that category but I didn't know that such a change was coming. Was it announced somewhere? (I've been wondering about when the next issue is going to appear too.)

  2. The latest Postmark Bulletin - Volume 46, Number 6 (dated 7 April) - is now (just today) available on the Royal Mail website.

    1. Thank you, I got mine by email so posted copies should be landing on doormats soon.


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