Tuesday 11 April 2017

April 2017 Slogan Postmarks

Although the late use of the Valentines Day postmark might have made it into the April  listings, the first one we have is 'Happy Easter'.

It's an odd phrase, given the background to the religious story, but so few people actually practice their religion these days that secular considerations of eggs, rabbits and cards seem to have taken over - I couldn't even find a religious postcard for my previous greeting (see below).

Thanks to MG for sending this from Glasgow MC.  I understand that the other machines have the slogan in three lines.

I wonder if Royal Mail will take up the suggestion to have a slogan for National Stamp Day/Week? One can only hope!

The Valentines Day postmark does make it into the April list as Southampton were still using it on 3rd, 4th and 5th April!  Thanks to RS for sending these pictures:

But then they switched to Easter - I wonder what will come when that campaign finishes?

It looks as if North West Midlands is taking a leaf from Southampton's calendar as this arrived this morning - Happy Easter, used 19 April

RS has confirmed that NW Midlands were still using the Easter slogan on 26 April:

Edinburgh Mail Centre was also using Happy Easter on 18 April but the copy I have is on a Post and Go stamp (one not from a collector!)  and so doesn't really scan well.

It's National Stationery Week and so there is a new slogan to encourage people to write!  This one from North and West Yorkshire on 25 April 2017.

Week TM 24-30
                 APRIL 2017

Thanks to Mike for sending this version of the Stationery Week slogan, reversed, from Tyneside MC on 24-04-2017
... and to JG for this one from Manchester MC on 25.04.17 which includes the 'Delivered by' portion omitted from the first one shown.

This slogan was used at Bristol Mail Centre on 15.05.17
UPDATE 17 June
And again in North West Midlands Mail Centre on 10.6.17

This one arrived today following National Stationery Week, we now have, from South East Anglia on 27.04.17

on your 
April 28

While we're on postmarks and variants of them we don't usually see the older machines other than at Christmas, but Carlisle has dusted off this one out of the back room for use over Easter.  Cumbria, Dumfries and Galloway 14 APR 2017

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  1. Thew religious background to Easter is happy really, Jesus rose on the third day after all. All is well that ends well. A pity there are not yet stamps to commemorate it. Chicks daffodils and such like would make good subjects.


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