Tuesday 18 April 2017

Guernsey Post relents on Cruise Ships Post and Go

We reported earlier that Guernsey Post would be providing their Lighthouse Post and Go stamps from the Smith Street PO with additional inscriptions for each cruise ship visit during the summer.

They decided, with some logical thought, that their standing order customers would not want between 55 and 75 additional sets of Post and Go stamps, and said, therefore, that they would not be available through the philatelic service but only in person.  Needless to say, some collectors decided that they would like to fill their stockbooks - and Guernsey Post's coffers - and complained.

Guernsey Post have now sent a letter to subscribers, an extract of which is shown below.
The first underprint on the Lighthouse stamps on the 21 st April will also be provided as a standing order item to customers.

Due to the number of ships visiting we recognised that it would be unreasonable to expect our customers to purchase every underprint which is why we initially stated they
would not be available from the bureau.

However after receiving feedback from numerous collectors we are now willing to take orders for the cruise ship underprints. However we would like to stress that these will not be a standing order item and orders will need to be placed for them separately. Please use the form enclosed or contact our customers services team at your earliest convenience on +44(0)1481 716486 or email philatelic@guernseypost.com
Please note that due to the large amount of administration required for these orders the
dispatch of all cruise ship underprints will be in September after our cruise ship offering has ended. Also each strip will incur a 50p administration fee in line with our current GG02 products.
So, they listened, and they acted.  And I hope that people who really want to have a complete collection will be pleased with these arrangements.    A collectors strip will cost £3.70 + 50p admin up until 1 st May 2017.   From 2nd May 2017 due to an increase in postal rates each strip will be £4.06 + 50p.  So a complete set will cost approaching £300.   One of the options offered is to have stamps for the first visit only for each ship.

Beware the slippery slope, though.  Will you buy next year's, and those from Gibraltar as well?


  1. Ian, thank you for this information. It's very a interesting situation - it's a potentially interesting collection for anyone prepared to, and able to, spend the money. It also serves a defensible postal service purpose - special souvenir stamps for cruise passengers. Why not provide such a service apart from the problem it causes for stamp collectors? Guernsey Post seems to have been quite sensitive here.

    Perhaps next year's Post and Go designs could feature cruise ships or sea birds, something else related to the sea at any rate.

    You mention Gibraltar - is that speculation or have you heard something?

  2. Jersey might fancy a go too!

  3. I was told by somebody who should know, that Gibraltar are seriously considering it (and as they have not, as far as I know, made Post and Go available through their bureau that should make life even more difficult for collectors).

    I was also told that Jersey didn't have an anchorage deep enough for cruise liners. Not quite true, but the numbers on this website are far fewer than Guernsey > http://www.cruisemapper.com/ports/jersey-port-560?month=2017-09#schedule

  4. As one of the relentless petitioners to Guernsey Post requesting them to revisit their position regarding the availability of these Cruise Ship strips, I would like to place on record my thanks to them for revising their policy to assist philatelists (Royal Mail take note!). GP are relatively new to P&G and this is an innovative programme. Maybe they underestimated or overlooked the interest this would create among the P&G faithful. However, as you say, they listened and acted and all credit to them. It remains to be seen what the take up is among the cruising passengers, but hopefully us collectors will make it worth their while.

  5. By my reckoning there will be 38 ships making a total of 90 visits over the period 21st April to the end of August. In alphabetical order: Adonia (5 visits), Aegean Odyssey (2), Albatross (1), Arcadia (2), Artania (1), Astoria (2), Azamara Journey (2), Azura (3), Britannia (2), Caribbean Princess (12), Celebrity Eclipse (2), Celebrity Silhouette (1), CMV Magellan (1), Columbus (2), Crown Princess (1), Crystal Symphony (3), FTI Berlin (1), Hebridean Sky (3), Island Sky (1), Le Soleal (2), Marco Polo (2)’ Mein Schiff (1), Minerva (2), MV Voyager (4), Norwegian Jade (1), Ocean Nova (3), Oriana (5), Prinsendam (2), Queen Elizabeth (3), Saga Pearl II (1), Saga Sapphire (4), Sea Cloud 2 (2), Serenissima (1), Silver Cloud (1), Silver Explorer (1), Silver Spirit (2), Ventura (3) and Vision of the Seas (3).

    1. A total of 43 Different Labels with receipt can be achieved between 21st April and August 30th. 22 different cruise ships appeared on these labels and a minimum of 21 are needed to display 1 from each, (1 pair of Cruise Ships visted once jointly). 7 pairs of cruise ships appeared on the labels with 36 appearing singly. Caribbean Princess was labelled 9 times, (two jointly). Cost for set of 21 cruise labels would have cost £85.26. From the bureau you pay extra for dispensing so add anothe £10.50 giving a total of 95.76!


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