Friday 11 November 2016

November slogan postmarks: Remembrance

I suspect I have missed some slogan postmarks in my 10 week absence (although none were on the letters waiting when we got back).   Here's the first of the November slogans, thanks to AB.

Lest we forget / 11.11.16 from Home Counties North on 09-11-2016 2nd class.
More November slogans will be added if found.


  1. Can anyone tell me when the "Stroke" postmark is going to end?? Also where can I get news of the dates slogan post marks will be issued IN ADVANCE

    1. The Stroke postmark is the default as long as The Stroke Association is Royal Mail's chosen charity - my guess is that there will be a change for 2017.

      No, you can't get news about slogan postmarks in advance. At one time we had Royal Mail press releases sent to us in advance but that didn't last long, and they usually appear (on the website) a day or two after the postmark is first used.


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