Friday 18 November 2016

Machin Definitive Stamps issued in 2016

Barring any last minute surprises we now have a complete list of Machin definitives issued or first available during 2016.  The surprise change in colour of the red stamps has boosted the total with 2016 codes to 39 - and there remains the possibility that the counter two sheet stamps might also appear in the darker colour, and any of the counter sheet stamps may have been printed by De La Rue on security backing paper, if their earlier problems have been resolved.

These stamps have been incorporated into the comprehensive Norvic Philatelics Security Machin Checklist. The current version can be downloaded from Dropbox.   

2016 stamps summary - these have been issued or first found in 2016

2015 Year Codes   (8)
2931R.5 -   2nd class coil - MRIL - reported used, then mint

2911B.5a - 2nd class business sheet MBIL on security backing paper (SBP)

2914B.5a - 1st class red business sheet MBIL on SBP 
2915B.5a - 1st Large red business sheet MBIL on SBP
2931.5a -   2nd class book of 12 MTIL on SBP

2936.5a -   1st class red book of 12 MTIL on SBP

3745a  -     1st class amethyst purple book of 6 on SBP [O15R]
2937.5a -   1st Large book of 4 on SBP

2016 Year Codes (M16L unless otherwise stated) (39)
2911.6  -    2nd class counter sheet - plain backing paper (PBP)

2911B.6 -  2nd class business sheet MBIL on security backing paper (SBP)
2913.6 -    2nd Large counter sheet printed 15/01/16 - plain backing paper (PBP)
2913B.6 -  2nd Large business sheet MBIL  11/02/16 on security backing paper (SBP)
2914.6 -    1st class counter sheet (PBP)

2914B.6 - 1st class business sheet MBIL 17/03/16 SBP
2914B.6a - 1st class deep scarlet business sheet 08/09/16 MBIL SBP
2916.6 -    1st Large counter sheet printed 12/02/16 -  (PBP)
2916B.6 - 1st Large business sheet printed 15/02/16 MBL SBP
2916B.6a - 1st Large deep scarlet business sheet printed 07/09/16 MBL SBP 
2931.6 -    2nd class book of 12 MTIL on SBP

2933.6 -   2nd Large book of 4 MFIL 
2936.6 -    1st class red book of 12 MTIL on SBP  
2936.6a -  1st class deep scarlet book of 12 MTIL on SBP 
2936C.6 - 1st class deep scarlet from mixed book of 6 MCIL SBP 
2936S.6 - 1st class red book of 6 MSIL on SBP from redesigned booklet 
2936S.6a - ditto, deep scarlet  
2937.6 -   1st Large book of 4 MFIL 
2937.6a - 1st Large deep scarlet book of 4 MFIL  

3001.6 - 1p counter sheet printed 02/02/16 - PBP
3002.6 - 2p counter sheet printed 12/01/16 - PBP
3005.6 - 5p counter sheet printed 04/02/16 - PBP
3010.6 - 10p counter sheet printed 11/01/16 - PBP
3020.6 - 20p counter sheet printed 03/02/16 - PBP

3101.6 - £1.00 brown counter sheet printed 10/02/16 - PBP 
3105 -    £1.05 counter sheet printed 20/01/16 new tariff - PBP
3133.6  - £1.33 counter sheet  08/01/16 - PBP

2991.6 - 1st class Signed For - printed 10/05/16 - PBP
2992.6 - 1st Large Signed For - printed 01/03/16 - PBP
2985.6 - Special Delivery 100g - printed 03/10/16
2986.6 - Special Delivery 500g - printed 03/03/16
3744.6 -    1st class amethyst purple counter sheet printed 21/01/16 - PBP  [O16R]
3745a.6  -  1st class amethyst purple book of 6 on SBP [O16R]
3746.6 -    1st class amethyst purple from mixed book of 6 on SBP - issued 21/04/16
3748 -       1st class amethyst purple gummed paper from PSB O16R REIGP issued 21/04/16

3702P.6  - 1st class red MPIL  gummed paper from PSB issued 21/04/16
4005P.6 -  5p gummed MPIL M16L from Beatrix Potter PSB

4010P.6 - 10p gummed MPIL M16L from Beatrix Potter PSB 
4105P -    £1.05 gummed MPIL M16L from Beatrix Potter PSB 


  1. hi,
    i seem to have 1 more of the 2015 security machins printed on SBP than you do.
    it is the 1st class large business sheet with MBIL MA15 printed on SBP.

    1. Correct! I need to run through the stockbook and find out if I have left out any others. Thanks

  2. Just for info, in case has been missed. My Business sheet 50 x 1st Large with SBP and year code 15 have a date of 6/11/15
    Doug (Enfield)

  3. I believe that 2933.6 (2nd Large from books of 4) is on SBP. I think this also has an impact on the booklet numbers: RA2d.6 should be RA3 and your RA3 (new Chevin font) should be RA4.

    1. You may well be right; since my return I haven't had a chance to fully check Gibbons magazine listings.

      It's all been a bit complicated this year, hasn't it? !


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