Monday 9 May 2016

More new Machin definitive printings and a new Scotland stamp.

Another month brings another batch of Machin reprints and a new Scotland stamp - updated 18 May with images, click on them to see enlargements

We've now received these new M16L printings which will be added to our shop later today along with replenishment of others:

1p - 02/02/2016

20p - 03/02/2016

Also reprints of earlier M16L printings which will enable us to restock these:

2p - 03/02/2016

10p - 08/02/2016

The Scotland 2nd class has also been reprinted: we're obtaining some stock to establish whether they are appreciably different.  This is a totally new stamp as the Queen's head and face value are now printed in grey and there is no silver plate.

For this printing, the plate contains only this stamp, in all four grid positions - the previous ones have been shared with the 1st class Scotland in the right-hand column.

This should have a new catalogue number, though I suspect it may be an 'a' number to avoid wholesale renumbering.  It will be listed in our webshop as S130a.

Also reported, on security backing paper, is the 1st class Large business sheet.  But there are some problems with identification.  I won't know for sure until I have them to hand, and only have these two images so far, of different stamps.   On all other M16L stamps the figure '6' is quite different from the figure '5' on last year's stamps.  These look like 15 but one could be 16! The ones we have are definitely '15'.

Lastly, reported but not yet received, the 1st Large booklet of 4 is now available in a 2016 printing with year code M16L, instead of MA1- as in previous years.

UPDATE 25 MAY 2016: The new M16L stamp is now available from our shop

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