Friday 20 May 2016

New Wales 1st class definitive, but only on Smilers.

Graham Howard reports on Smilers News that the latest personalised Smilers Sheet which has
appeared on the market includes a change to the perforations which some people will regard as producing a new collectable stamp.

Currently Royal Mail have no Generic Smilers sheets on sale with country definitives, but if they return to this sales line (although what subject can they tempt collectors with?), they may* well be the new type.  Almost certainly printed, as usual, by the Cartor wing of ISP the new perforations are 'square-edged'.  As you can see from the image, this also has elliptical perforations.

* No guarantee, of course.  Royal Mail, like Post Office, are not renowned for following the normal stock rotation principles of 'first in, first out'.

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