Wednesday 30 September 2015

Royal Mail Post and Go machine A011 badged up for Qatar Post

A new Royal Mail Post and Go Kiosk (A011) was in use at the 20th GCC Stamps Exhibition in Doha, Qatar, are 29 September to 3 October (at the Landmark Shopping Mall).  

The event is organised by Qatar Postal Services (Q-Post), in cooperation with Qatar Club for Amateurs of Collecting Stamps and Coins, with participation of all GCC states and a large number of GCC amateur associations for collecting stamps.

The exhibition includes more than 200 frames, 25 of which are allocated for GCC states, to showcase their best collections of stamps and history to share experiences and support amateur groups. The annual expo is held alternately on the sidelines of meetings of GCC postal corporations directors. Qatar Philatelic and Numismatic Club will hold an auction of stamps and coins on the third day of the exhibition.  

The Exhibition was opened yesterday by Minister of Communication and Information Technology H E Dr Hessa Sultan Al Jaber at Landmark Mall.  [From]

I'm told that the machine dispensed Q-Post stamps printed by Cartor.

UPDATE 3 October
More details and pictures on the Commonwealth Stamps blog here.


  1. Two Royal Mail kiosks A011 & A012 were fully operational on 29 SEP 2015 selling official Qatar stamps, only.
    No british stamps were available. Though the kiosks were branded A011 and A012, the ID printed on stamps & receipts
    is QA01 & QA02. Two different, single design stamps were available: 1) definitive issue showing the emblem of the
    State of Qatar and 2) commemorative issue celebrating the 20th GCC (stamp) exhibition in Doha.
    Both issues from QA01 & QA02. Both issues carry the overprint "20th Gcc Exhibition" (should be GCC).
    Available 4 values, only:
    1) QA Letter up to 100g
    2) GCC Letter up to 100g
    3) EU Letter up to 50g
    4) Worldwide up to 50g
    and a Local Letter strip with 4 stamps QA Letter up to 100g.
    I will provide all strips and FDC.

  2. According to the IAR website QA1 & QA2 are resident at the General Post Office in Qatar and have the overprint of General Post Office. NO mention on them being re-badged from A011/12 to QA01/02

    I wonder if we will be seeing these at Stampex next year.


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