Friday 4 September 2015

Autumn Stampex Post and Go stamps update

Royal Mail have now provided details of the Post and Go products available at Autumn
Stampex from 16 September.  Whilst the lateness of this announcement is fine if you are planning a trip, they want our orders in by close of business on 9 September to allow them a week to print everything.

Royal Mail products

1. There are no Stampex inscriptions on any stamps.

2. The Machin stamps from A006, A008 and B001 will have the inscription

Queen Elizabeth II
Longest Reign

3. There will be no Union Flag from Royal Mail machines (see below).

4. Instead of the flag, Royal Mail's A007 and B001 will dispense the Heraldic Lion solo rolls with no additional inscription.   As mentioned earlier on the blog the BPMA has already announced that they will be using the Lion from 16th with their overprint, so it was to be expected that this would also be available at Stampex.

4a. The Heraldic Lion will be available - as was the Robin a few years back, and the Poppy - in a Lion Collectors Strip of 6 values. 

4b.  If you don't want a collectors strip, then the cheap way to show that this is from the new printing is to have a joined pair of 1st class Lions!

5. The Sea Travel stamps will be from A006, A007 A008 and B001 and will not have an additional inscription.

Other territories.

6.  There will be no Union Flag from Royal Mail machines, only from Guernsey and Gibraltar. These will NOT have an additional inscription.   The products below may be available from the respective Bureaux, but the only news I have so far is that 7c will be available from Jersey's B001 machine.

7.  The stamps vended by the other territories are:
7a.  Guernsey - Guernsey Flag with additional inscription*;  Union Flag without.
7b.  Gibraltar - Gibraltar Flag with additional inscription*;  Union Flag without.
7c.  Jersey - Jersey Flag with additional inscription*.
7d.  Jersey - Protected Species (as before).

*  The additional inscription for JE1, GI1 and GG1 is

HM The Queen
Longest Reign

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  1. Where else would you get a single stamp with A007 in the data string? Why buy a s/t pair?


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