Wednesday 30 September 2015

Much More Post and Go News 2 - UK Museums

From Royal Mail's Post and Go News webpage today (updated with latest information):

Royal Navy Museum Machines
From 19 October, printings at the four Royal Navy sites will be updated to replace the current museum abbreviations.  The Poppy stamp will be reintroduced from 19 October to 15 November, and the Machin will replace the Poppy on 16 November (But see below). The Union Flag stamp will remain on sale.

New printings will be as follows:

The NMRN will change to Royal Navy + logo (Machin only)

The RMM will change to Royal Marines + logo (Machin only)

The FAAM will change to Fleet Air Arm + logo (Machin only)

The RNSM will change to RN Submarine + logo (Machin only)

The Union Flag and Poppy stamps will just have the abbreviations replaced.
A location-specific logo graphic will be added to the Machin stamp design: the first day of use of this at the Royal Navy Museum will be 16 November, and at the other three 18th November (see below).

Trafalgar Day
Royal Navy and Royal Marines machines only will carry a ‘Trafalgar Day’ inscription  on the Union Flag design from 19 October until 15 November.

*Update 19 October
Correction provided by Roy in the comments:
Only the Royal Navy Museum is open on 16th November. The other three museums are on winter opening times (closed Mon & Tues) and therefore the first day for Machin will be Wed 18th Nov.

Machine A001 introduced the Lion design from the Heraldic Beasts issue on 16 September. The Lion design will be temporarily replaced by the Poppy stamp from 19 October until 15 November. The Lion will be re-introduced along with the Winter Fur and Feathers stamps on 16 November.

The change to the Royal Navy Museum machines will be welcomed if only because it avoids having to explain what the various abbreviations mean.  Watch out for switched reels so that the Union Flag stamps have the logo!


  1. In summary: Royal Navy Museum kiosks will dispend from 19 october
    1) Machin
    2) Union Flag
    3) Poppy
    Not possible. I think RM shall make some corrections which stamp designs will be loaded and not.

  2. Including 4x poppies now that makes 14 new navy museum versions! Are they kidding?!!! Surely RM has got to do something about this?

  3. Only the Royal Navy Museum is open on 16th November. The other three museums are on winter opening times (closed Mon & Tues) and therefore the first day for Machin will be Wed 18th Nov.

    1. Has this been confirmed? Last year on the first day of the RMM (Royal Marines Museum) issue this was also closed on the day of issue but the shop with the Post & Go machine was open. Today the 19th October the BPMA was open for the Poppy issue when it should have been closed. I am also informed that on Monday 16th November the BPMA will also be open for the Christmas Post & Go issue when it should be closed.

    2. It would be very helpful to all concerned if Royal Mail or someone able to contact the appropriate Royal Mail person could clarify and confirm the dates on which the the Machin Post & Gos will actually become available for purchase at the four Naval Museum Shops, given that that some of the Shops will apparently be closed on November 16 & 17. It would be useful if Royal Mail could publish confirmation of this information on their Post & Go News Website.

    3. Royal Mail will no doubt say, that the opening time of venue is not their responsibility, and that anyone intending to visit one of these locations should always check the opening time before making a special trip (common sense really) and for once you can’t blame Royal Mail.


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