Friday 1 May 2015

Post Office Philatelic Sales in London - update

Five years ago, in response to requests from visitors to London about philatelic sales from Post Offices, I posted details of Trafalgar Square and Eastcheap (City of London) POs.

Trafalgar Square has changed several times over the years and their service is not what it once was.

Now we have news that Eastcheap's best asset has gone, so I don't know how good their service will be now.  This comment was posted today on the original thread.

"I was appalled this week to confirm that the City of London Post Office in Eastcheap has got rid of its greatest asset, namely Peade whose philatelic knowledge was only surpassed by his excellent service and helpfulness. 

It was not his choice to leave and it is beyond belief that the Post Office have acted like this. They say that they are unable to comment on individual employees so let me tell them that they will rue this day. Peade built up the Philatelic Counter from an also ran to the best in Britain and I shall miss him tremendously.

John Bulger"

UPDATE 2 June 2015
I have received more information about the Eastcheap branch.  Apparently Peade retired after 40 years' service, so there was no ulterior motive from Post Office Ltd.  And the person who has taken over his position has said that "he would like to emulate his colleague's reputation", so for visitors to London, make yourselves known at Eastcheap and encourage the new man in his endeavours.

UPDATE 28 August 2017
See latest situation on Philatelic Counters, and specifically comment about Eastcheap.

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