Saturday 2 May 2015

More new slogan postmarks - and website update.

Two new special slogan postmarks are in progress this week.   The first has already appeared but was not announced even in Royal Mail's press release; the second had been announced in a press release but will not appear until Tuesday or Wednesday next week!

A simple slogan to mark the 175th Anniversary of the Issue of the Penny Black; stated by Royal Mail to be running from 1 - 7 May we have evidence that it was used on 30 April, presumably for delivery on the anniversary date 1 May.  [Although many people recognise 6 May as the key date for the Penny Black, it was made available on 1 May 1840 but was only valid for use from 6 May.]

So here we have the 30.04.15 version from Preston Mail Centre (Lancashire and South Lakes), and 01.05.15 from Edinburgh MC.

Royal Mail is also using a special postmark to celebrate the birth of the royal princess, daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, who was born this morning.

The new arrival is the fourth in line to the throne and the Queen's fifth great-grandchild.

Royal Mail’s postmark will appear on millions of items of mail delivered nationwide on Tuesday 5th May and will feature the copy ‘Congratulations TRH The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the birth of their daughter’.

I don't know how much mail is cancelled on Sunday or holiday Monday: if this is to be applied to mail being delivered on Tuesday, then it must be applied to mail posted this morning, the last collections being made mostly by 12 noon.

From Royal Mail News on twitter:
Good news! We're extending our #RoyalBaby postmark for another day! Pop a letter in the post on Tuesday to celebrate the new #LittlePrincess

...which should ensure that more mail receives the postmark and more people get the chance to collect it if they wish.

Thanks to John E, I can show an example of a real 'Princess' slogan, from Gatwick Mail Centre 02.05.15:

John continues:
"The same slogan was due to be used again today {as mentioned above}, followed by the return of the Penny Black slogan tomorrow and a VE Day (70th Anniversary) slogan on Thursday 7th May!

As predicted, the VE Day slogan was used for items due to be delivered on Friday 8th May, so Peterborough MC used it on 6 May, having used the Penny Black again on 5 May, both on 2nd class mail.

Website update May stamp issues:

6 May - 175th Anniversary of the Penny Black, miniature sheet, retail booklet and Smilers Generic Sheet

13 May - Heraldic Beasts Post and Go Faststamps
             Europhilex Exhibition Sheet.

14 May - Centenary of World War I - set of 6 and prestige book.


  1. 1d Black slogan used at Glasgow mail centre on 29 April

    John Embrey

    1. Used at Chester & N Wales on 30April

  2. Royal Baby postmark is available on 5/05/15

  3. Good Morning Mr Ian Billings.

    I was going through the latest Royalmail Stocklist of April 2015.
    I noticed that the high values like 1.50, 2 , 3 and 5 pounds are no longer listed. Are these withdrawn or is it a typo error?

    Also missing are the booklets, including Prestige Stamp Booklets.

    1. HV stamps are on page 7, booklets on page 9. Have you got a complete List?

      Incidentally, as this subject is not really relevant to the blog post, I'd prefer that you contacted by email for new topics.


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