Tuesday 3 February 2015

More Post and Go Roundup - more Oddities.

Several collectors have sent reports of oddities from several different Post and Go machines: I've been waiting for an opportunity to tell you about these, and now that there are several to report, it seems an appropriate time.

1. At Yeovil machine 68 is printing significantly (9 mm) to the right.  These were produced on 15 January.  The Winter Greenery stamps have now been replaced by 2nd class Machins (MA13), but the fault continues.

I've been reminded by DP that a similar error was shown last July.  Then the error was at Lavender Hill in Battersea [019001], in May: also on 68.  It also happened on machine 68 at Earl's Court [006008].  So, is there a problem with machines number 68?  Other reports are most welcome!

2. DPwrites:

"At Tudor Street yesterday both the machines that were working only vended 5 values (no Euro20g/World 10g), but charged for 6, just as the NCR machines did last year with the introduction of the 60g values. Strangely, the machine was able to vend the euro20g/World 10g on its own or with other values but not as part of the pre-programed collectors set option, images attached.

According to the manager at Farringdon Road, the software was updated a couple of months ago, and you only pay for the 5 values, the receipt does not support that view"

Surprisingly, one of the machines is still dispensing Robins [MA13].  As you can see (click on the image for a larger version) there is a 'nick' at the foot of the Europe 60g stamp: this is normally associated with the end of a strip of 5or one of the two strips of 3 - these are Wincor-Nixdorf machines.

"DP also has the set from Southport with the same problem (vended 29/1/15), bought from eBay. The same seller also has examples from Keighley (vended 28/1/15) with the original Europe 20g value. Keighley’s machine seems to have been reset late November; on 29/11/14 it was on session 00436 with the original Europe up to 20g according to an ebay seller's photo. On 20 October 2014 it was on 04586 vending the dual value stamp."

John E has sent a further picture of the Southport error on 02/02/15, session number 02420.  [42 purchase sessions between 15.45 on Thursday 29 Jan and 13.12 on Monday 2 Feb - not exactly overused is it?  I suspect this machine will not be replaced at the end of March when they are all decommissioned!]
The status of London’s Wincor-Nixdorf machines 2/02/15 was

100003  Farringdon Road
(1)          Machin MA13    Collectors set status not checked, manager said 5 values only

100003  Tudor Street
(2)          Robin MA12       Machine failed to vend dual value stamp in collectors set
(3)          Sheep                  Machine failed to vend dual value stamp in collectors set
(4)          Out of Service

042005  Swiss Cottage
(1)          Out of service

032004  Holloway
(1)          Out of Service    Machine is now hidden behind a display of cards

As DP writes, the last few months of the Wincor-Nixdorf machines will not be as simple as we may have hoped!


  1. The Wincor machine at Farringdon Road PO (100003) was out of order on the 9/02/15 as was machines 3 & 4 at Tudor Street. Machine number 2 at Tudor Street was vending Pigs and still without the dual value stamp.

  2. Eatleigh (004546) also had the wide left gap from machine 68

  3. I see the misprinting fault has reared its head again, this time at Great Yarmouth
    (eBay item number: 253800471186

    In response to your twitter post about Henry Stafford Smith’s [plaque in Bath


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