Tuesday 1 July 2014

New Year comes to Post and Go Faststamps - and other reports

Well, we've reached the half-way point in the year so it's fitting that the first MA14 Faststamp report should reach us today.  Thanks to Dominic for the following reports and pictures, one of which has been modified to bring out the detail.

The Machin MA14 stamp is from Sutton, which may have gone live on 27 June:

This 2nd class was bought at Lavender Hill Battersea a couple of months ago, so the machine has probably been fixed by now, but the huge left margin suggests that the reel was not installed correctly - or there was a software fault.

Dominic also reports:
The new Islington Office (031004) opened as planned(16th June).  Yesterday the 2 machines had 1st class MA13 and 2nd Class MA12. These machines have a modification which means you have to insert each coin rather than putting the whole lot in the bowl.
Robert sent this picture of a Post and Go label from a Paignton Wincor machine back in May with a band of printing missing:

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