Tuesday 22 July 2014

Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games Slogan Postmarks - 3 so far!

As reported elsewhere, the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games stamps were issued last Thursday, 17th July 2014.  

I've been sent several pictures of special slogan postmarks which have been running, around the UK, since before the stamp issue.  Unfortunately unless you received one of these, or read about it before the stamp issue date, and also were able to post in one of the relevant areas, you would not have been able to get a first day cover cancelled with the slogan.  

Once again Royal Mail failed to provide any advance notice.  One really does have to wonder whether their marketing, PR, and Philatelic areas could be better joined up to generate more revenue.

One showing the Glasgow 2014 logo as on the stamps, from Edinburgh MC on 15 July - yes, from Royal Mail Tallents House! - to Norfolk

A similar one with the postmark elements in a different order, from Greenford MC on 14 July to Norfolk

And a 2nd class one sent from Swindon MC to a Swindon address 21-07-2014, picture from Bob (thanks!)

So obviously these are not on mail only to or only from Glasgow, so we must assume that they are being used nationwide to all addresses, and possibly on international mail.


  1. Royal Mail's announcement of this was tucked away in the "Notes to Editors" part of a Press Release issued on 17 July - several days after first use, and too late for anyone to do anything with for the First Day of the stamps unless they had everything ready to go and were local to a mail centre with the postmark.

    I see the Press Release also says: "As well as the special stamp issue, Royal Mail is celebrating the Commonwealth Games with a special postmark which will be carried on all stamped and franked mail across the United Kingdom from 14 July – 3 August. Royal Mail will also be specially postmarking mail to mark the Scottish Government’s Homecoming celebrations in April and again in October."

  2. Chester & N.Wales on international mail http://37.media.tumblr.com/5c10159e023698cbfd27daaa19298d2f/tumblr_n8tvaiywu31s7gnl2o4_r1_1280.jpg
    1st Day ;-)

  3. S.Midlands http://33.media.tumblr.com/d039092c4cf75089bfac711206fb7abd/tumblr_n8tvaiywu31s7gnl2o3_r1_1280.jpg


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