Saturday 5 July 2014

New Tour De France Grand Départ Yorkshire Slogan Postmark

Royal Mail is to issue a special postmark to mark the Tour De France Grand Départ which begins in Yorkshire today (July 5th).

The postmark will be printed on mail that is delivered across the UK* on Saturday. It will read ‘Yorkshire Grand Départ Tour De France 2014’.   It is the first time the Tour has visited the UK since 2007.
Stephen Agar from Royal Mail said: “We’re delighted to be marking the Tour De France Grand Départ with one of our postmarks. “It’ll be a very special moment to see this iconic sporting event begin in the UK in Yorkshire and we’re pleased to mark the occasion in this unique way.”

Gary Verity, Chief Executive of Welcome to Yorkshire, commented: "This celebration of the Yorkshire‎ Grand Départ by Royal Mail is testament to the scale of this historic event coming to our county and indeed the country. “Excitement is reaching fever pitch for millions in Yorkshire and beyond - and we're delighted the Tour's arrival is being celebrated in this way."

* The postmark must have been used at Mail Centres across the UK on Friday 4th July.  Although the official announcement is that it is on mail delivered to UK addresses, look out for it in other countries. The Lord's Cricket Ground postmark was used on mail from Gatwick to South Africa.

UPDATE: Evidence from JG that this was, in fact, already in use on Thursday 3rd July so could have been on 1st class mail delivered on 4th.  Now if only they could achieve 100% legibility despite the uneven contents...

Thanks also to Bob for this much better example in the other layout and in a totally different style from across the border in Lancashire:


  1. Excellent and very collectible slogan, but why do Royal Mail annoy and frustrate collectors, and forgo moneymaking opportunities by not announcing ink-jets in advance and also restricting some slogans to delivery addresses? The volume of letter mail is plummeting and surely encouraging collectors to send letters will be a small help? (Why, Royal Mail, have I made this point in a blog comment?!

  2. Slightly confusingly I have a copy of this slogan postmark from the South Midlands Mail Centre dated 11.07.2014.

  3. A first day cover would have been great - an opportunity missed. Maybe you need a new innovations manager?

    1. I think you mean that Royal Mail need more innovation ! But quite honestly, how many people would buy either a commemorative cover or a blank cover for self-servicing? Commemorative cover would probably have to sell for around £5; self-service cover - if it cost 30p the same as a special stamp FDC the low vaolume of sales wouldn't cover the printing and distrubution costs, in my opinion.

      And then there are these; £22 the pair.


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