Tuesday 25 March 2014

More 2014 Machin definitive stamps are appearing

Just a week ago we announced the first Machin with a 2014 year code outside those in the Locomotives prestige book, and now I can show two more.  Thanks to the reader who sent these pictures.

The 12x 1st Class books with code M14L and 'T' have a packing date of 04/02/14

The 50 x 2nd large Business sheets with code MA14 and 'B' have a printing date of 07/01/14 (Richard reminds me that the MBIL is now to the right of the value, rather than to the right of the Queen.)

That brings the total to date to 6, with these four already in stock.  We'll add the two new ones as soon as stock is available.  And of course there are 4 more tomorrow, for the new tariff.
2931R.2W - 2nd class coil 10,000 printed by Walsall - M12L MRIL

4002P.3E - 2p From Classic Locomotives of the UK prestige stamp book M13L MPIL

4005P.3F - 5p ditto.  4005P.3E was in the Merchant Navy PSB with inverted perforations

2911.4 - 2nd class counter sheet

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