Monday 24 March 2014

Contents of Post and Go machines on change of tariff 2014

New postage rates will be introduced on 31 March 2014.  In Post and Go machines the Worldwide 10g and Worldwide 40g stamps will no longer be relevant and they will be replaced by Europe 60g and Worldwide 60g stamps.

The new 'values' or 'service indicators' are expected to be available on Machin head, Union Flag, and Spring Flowers stamps, but will also be available on previous issues where they remain in the machines.

If you find any of these I will be interested in obtaining stock of both new values, both for myself and for customers.  I still need Machin MA13, Union Flag MA13, Robin MA12, and all Freshwater Life.

Mock-ups of what we can expect

In order to keep track of which designs of Post and Go stamps are available this post is available for readers to record what has appeared, and where - and on which type of machine, as the NCR version is rolled-out through the country.  Mock-ups of what might be available

Some people have asked about FDCs for the new rates. Apart from the very first sets of brown which was sold in a pack of 5 values, and the first set of blue Machin heads, Royal Mail have only ever produced official FDCs for the designs, rather than the values.  However FDCs can be obtained by dealers and collectors.

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For both Wincor-Nixdorf and NCR Post and Go machines (and the BPMA machine) I have reliable information that the new stamps will be available from start of business.  A notice should tell customers wanting Worldwide 10g to buy Europe 20g.  At a later date the Worldwide 10g option will be reinstated under the 'post an item' menu.

See PostagelabelsUK blog.

UPDATE 10 April 2014

Apologies for not adding this earlier: I thought it had been done, but I now rectify the omission! Regarding the future value of obsolete Post and Go stamps Royal Mail have advised:

"Existing P&G stamps for WW 10g and WW40g and other previously issued NVI’s for which there is no current postage value e.g. WW Postcard, will continue to be valid for the next applicable weight step up from its stated value i.e. WW 10g stamp will be valid at the WW 20g value and the WW 40g stamp will be valid at the new WW 60g value."

I'm not sure of the position now that the basic Worldwide 10g and Postcard rates have been re-instated to the tariff.


Contrary to statements by some people who thought they knew something that Post Office Ltd and Royal Mail managers did not, the software changes for the new tariff were effected before the branches opened for business this morning.

Wincor-Nixdorf machines dispensed Europe 60g and Worldwide 60g stamps, and the Worldwide 10g and Worldwide 40g options were no longer available.  To cater for the restored world postcard and Worldwide 10g letter rate of 97p, a magnetic notice was affixed to the machine advising customers who wanted to post such items to choose the "Letter Europe (up to 20g) option" for a 97p stamp (see pictures).  Unfortunately the body of the machine is mainly plastic so the label placed on the red and white metal pictogram panel below the screen.  One unfortunate side-effect of the software change is that instead of dispensing up to 99 stamps the machine will now only take orders for up to 20, meaning far more transactions.  [However, it is still possible to purchase at least 5 x Collectors Sets of 6 in one transaction.  I regard the reduction as a fault and have reported it as it does produce longer queues.]

The IAR Machine at the BPMA produced Machin stamps with MA13 and Union Flag with no year code.

Reports from two NCR machine locations referred to software problems.  Apparently the machine displayed the 60g options, took the money, gave change and printed receipts but not stamps.  The fault was reported before noon and it is to be hoped that it will be rectified by tomorrow.  If it is, then 1 April will be the first day for NCR 60g stamps - unless anybody can tell me any differently ?
A second report was that when a 'Collectors Set' was selected, the 4 old stamp values were printed but the two 60g were not, so producing a strip of 4.

Contents of Machines

I'm grateful to the many correspondents who have phoned, left voicemail messages, and emailed, about what they have found in various machines from Truro to Glasgow and many points between.  I'll summarise this and put some more pictures up in this same blogpost later.

Meanwhile, here is a picture of a collectors set of the Spring Flowers from Norwich, demonstrating the small figures of value used for the two 60g stamps, compared with the others.  Also the weight line is inset compared with the Europe 20g but is in the same place as the Worldwide 20g.

Table of contents as advised to 2 April.
Please see added comments for ongoing details of machine contents, 
which will only be shown here if they are new stamps to the list

Machin undated. Also Robin MA13
Spring Blooms
1 out of order
Machins in both.

Spring Blooms

Camden High Street
Cattle, Union Flag

Birds 3
Birds 3 available on 31 March, only just reported.
Sutton (1 m/c)
Spring Flowers

Croydon (6 m/c)
#1,3,6 Flags no year code; #2 spring blooms; 
#4 Machins no year code; #5 Robins MA13

#1 Cattle; #2 had Flags on Saturday

Trafalgar Square
#1 Spring Blooms,   Rivers in all other machines

Machins (no year) in both

Old Street
Sheep; Flag (no year); Machin (no year)

Machin (no year); Rivers
8 April update: Lakes

Baker Street
Rivers (both)
8 April update: Ponds

Flag (no year)

Glasgow (branch?)
Pigs, Cattle

Sheep, Flags

Birds 4, Pigs

Pinfold St
2 out of order; most had Machins
One: Flowers jammed, second flowers jammed, so replaced with Flag

Basildon WHS
Machin no year
(no magnet)
1. Spring Blooms; 2. Machin (no year)
Golders Green
Machin (no year)
(magnet) 'Newvision' on receipts
Blackfriars Bridge
Machin (no year)
(no magnet)
Cirencester (NCR)
Machin – Col Set of 4, no 60g

Stroud (NCR)
Machin – Col Set of 4, no 60g

2 x Flags; 3 x Spring blooms
(machines labeled with contents)
Spring Flowers; Robins MA12

Machins (no year)
All 3 machines
Spring Blooms (1st and 2nd)
Manchester (Spring Gardens)
Machins in 2 m/c)
One machine not working
Sydenham (NCR)
Machins (1st and 2nd)
All working well Tuesday 1 April with upgrade.
Birds 2
Seen on eBay 20 April, with April purchase date (see below)

Images from Norwich and supplied by readers. (Click on each for larger images)


Old Street, London, Sheep

Trafalgar Square/William IV Street Rivers
Old Street Flags
Durham Silver Street
Glasgow St Vincent Street
Pigs and Cattle

Harrogate Sheep
Leeds Birds 4

Spotted on eBay (not bought on 31 March but in April)
Birds 2 from Grimsby

And lastly, Lakes and Ponds from Paignton (update 15 May)


  1. This is a good argument as to why SG ought to catalogue the label designs rather than the actual printed values put on afterwards.

  2. If as you say the Worldwide 10g and Worldwide 40g will no longer be relevant from Monday 31st March what is going to happen to them as I sure many collectors and dealers will have stock of these two values? Does anybody know?

    1. I asked RM Customer service on 28 February and they are still trying to get an answer from the Tariff Managers.

      I suspect they don't want to tell us until after 31st so that you don't all rush out and buy the obsolescent values for later use. I've now asked the press office - because we will need to know what monetary value they and NVI stamps will have (including the Postcard stamps) on 31st before we take them to the PO on packets!

    2. Have you/anyone heard whether RM have decided or announced what the face value will be or what service the 40g WW Post & Go/Faststamps already in circulation will cover. Previous reports said RM obviously wouldn't announce pre increase in case we all stocked up with them, but as 31 March has been and gone we seem to be none the wiser.

    3. I'm sorry, I thought I had already mentioned this in an edit to the main blog, and I shall now do so. Royal Mail provided this statement:

      "Existing P&G stamps for WW 10g and WW40g and other previously issued NVI’s for which there is no current postage value e.g. WW Postcard, will continue to be valid for the next applicable weight step up from its stated value i.e. WW 10g stamp will be valid at the WW 20g value and the WW 40g stamp will be valid at the new WW 60g value. "

  3. I should know the answer to this, but I can’t remember, will all the values be available from the buy stamps menu or will some values need to be obtained via the post an item option as the 10g Europe ones were?

    1. I've no idea. I hope they will all be available from the 'buy stamps' menu.

    2. I tried to get a 10g Rate P&G 'Post Now' from my Local Office today 31st March but it would issue it.

  4. I have heard a rumour that the price change is from midday. Therefore, the machines will be changed over lunch. Do you know if this is true?

    1. No Steve. That's been mentioned on various blog comments.

      I believe my information (now added in blue above) to be reliable.

  5. Richard Williams28 March 2014 at 19:30

    Information is totally incorrect Wincor-Nixdorf and NCR Post and Go machines (and the BPMA machine) New stamps will be NOT be from start of business. It is amazing how people with little or no knowledge can get the facts so wrong!! Ian - Norvic how would you legitimately know this?? All answers much appreciated!

    1. But RIchard, you haven't given any evidence for your statement either.

      I can't reveal my source, only that I believe it to be reliable and from inside. I'll drawn attention to your comment, and let you know the result.

    2. As expected, all functioning machines had been loaded with new software allowing the purchase of Europe 60g and Worldwide 60g Faststamps.

      Wincor-Nixdorf machines had had the purchase limit reduced from 99 stamps to 20 stamps - which was a nuisance - although if you wanted 5 x Collectors Sets of 6 it was happy to produce 30!

      NCR machines allowed selection of the new values, took the money, gave the change, and printed the receipt but not the stamps. This software glitch may not be sorted until tomorrow.

    3. I have just been to my local Crown Office and both Wincor machines were working fine with the new upgrades. A small official Post Office notice has been put on each machine regarding the Worldwide 10g rate which will be available in a few weeks time. No actual date given. The notice informed customers who wanted to post letters or postcards to Europe and Worldwide under 10g to choose the Europe up to 20g weight for a 97p stamps.

      When the Worldwide 10g stamp is back on the machines will this mean a 'Collectors Strip' will consist of seven stamps to the set?

      On the two new stamps from today (Europe & Worldwide 60g) the figure 60 does not match the font already used and is much smaller. It looks like an afterthought but with very little thought. Otherwise no problem at all.

      So much for all this ‘Will be working after 12.00 noon’.

    4. Thanks Brian.

      When the W10g purchase option comes back it will not be a Fastamp, I'm told. At a later date they will be upgraded to re-introduce the 10g rate via "post an item" (white label).

  6. The new NCR machines that are starting to appear in Post Offices are NOT Post & Go machines but are called 'Self Service' kiosks by the Post Office.

    1. Well they offer two different levels of service and who owns “Post & Go” Post Office/Royal Mail or Wincor.

    2. The term used in the opening set-up screen on the Wincor-Nixdorf machines is "Faststamps"

    3. On the Post Office Ltd website Branch Finder page the drop-down menu now reads 'Post and Go - Self Service'

  7. Stamp Tariff Change was available at start of day from the Post Offices I visited :

    Trafalgar SQ : Left machine ; 'Spring Blooms'. All other machines had 'Rivers'
    Aldwych : Both machines Machin (No Code)
    BPMA : Machin (MA13), Union Flag (No Code)
    Old Street : Far left machine 'Sheep', far right Union Flag (No Code). 2nd from right (Machin (No Code)
    Holborn : Machin (No code) left machine, other machine 'Rivers'.
    Baker Street : Both machines 'Rivers'
    Paddington : Both 'Union Flag' (No Code)

  8. The person at NCR who wrote the code for the tariff change forgot to add the code for the machines to print the stamps on the “buy stamps” option. The Post Office area manager who was covering the machines at Poplar today was not impressed. At 1pm NCR were allegedly testing the correct update for the machines, if all goes well tomorrow if not Wednesday.

    The go live date for South Woodford has been delayed due to infrastructure problems.

    1. Wonder if that was Richard Williams (see above) - must have had some inside knowledge that PO/RM managers didn't have.

  9. Basildon Post Office (now within WH Smiths)
    The machine had the new tariff stamps, but no label about the 10g.
    (1) Machin (No date)

    Southend-on-Sea Post Office
    Both machines had the new tariff stamps, and each had the label about the 10g.
    (1) Spring Blooms
    (2) Machin (no code)

    Golders Green Post Office
    The machine had the new tariff stamps, with a label about the 10g.
    (1) Machin (No date) “Newvision” printed at the base receipts

    Blackfrairs Bridge Road Post Office
    The machine had the new tariff stamps, but no label about the 10g.
    (1) Machin (No date)

  10. You usually tell us which POs new items are to be found in. Why have you have you not listed where the undated Machins, Robins, Sheep ,Pigs and Cattle, Rivers and Birds 4 are to be found this time?

    1. Because I'm busy dealing with customer orders. When I have done so I will provide information for everybody, customers and non-customers alike :-)

    2. The tone of this sounds like Ian is providing a paid for service and let you down somehow.
      You ought to be ashamed of yourself.

  11. Attended Dalston Kingsland PO, 1100 hours 01/04/2014. Both machines out of action (software glitches). NCR Machines still not dispensing 60g or Collectors strips. Shown e-mail confirming that they will not be available until further notice.

  12. Plymouth has machin in all three machines - no year and the small 60g on the fast stamp.

  13. Macclesfield machine running fine, delivering Spring Blooms - Stuart

  14. South Shields has Machins (no date) in machine 1 & spring blooms in machine 2.
    Both Sunderland machines were out of action on Monday and was informed will not be repaired until the end of the week.

  15. Dalston Kingsland PO was giving out 60 grams and full collectors strips, today 1st Apr the staff thought they were not. This was about 14.40.

  16. Clapham Common
    (1) Flag (no date)
    (2) Flag (no date) newvision printed on receipt
    (3) Spring Bloom

    Lavender Hill
    (1) Flag (no date)
    Office awaiting delivery of 2 NCR Machines to replace Wincor machine

    Blackfriars Road
    (1) Machin (no date) newvision printed on receipt

    Poplar (live 28/3/14 pm)
    (67) Machin MA13 (both)
    (68) Machin MA13 (both)

    Most NCR machines accepted the patch yesterday, those that didn’t did so today.

    Anybody notice the VAT number has changed on the Wincor machines to the Post office one rather than the Royal Mail's. (Change was gradual starting in March)

  17. Cambridge
    (1) Spring Flowers
    (2) Lakes
    (3) Spring Flowers

  18. Truro
    (01) Out of order
    (02) Flags - no date
    (03) Spring Flowers

  19. Keighley
    Out of Order

    (1) Machin
    (2) Machin

  20. Chester-le-Street has spring blooms

    1. Guildford has Machin (nodate) & Spring Blooms

  21. Sunderland has sprimg blooms in machine 1 but machine 2 was on but out of order.

  22. For any body that is interested the middle machine of the three at exeter had spring flowers today, ( unsure about the other two machines)

  23. Today the following offices had

    Old Street (from left to right)
    (2) Machin (no date)
    (1) Sheep
    (4) Sheep
    (3) Union Flag

    Harrow (from left to right)
    (1) Spring Blooms
    (2) Spring Bloom

    Wincor machine removed
    Office refurbished and awaiting 2 NCR machines (Horizon installed)

    Baker Street (from left to right)
    (2) Ponds
    (1) Union Flag

    Trafalgar Square(from left to right)
    (4) Machine experiencing payment problems
    (3) Spring Blooms
    (2) Spring Blooms
    (1) Rivers

  24. Today in London:
    Farringdon has Pigs
    Baker Street has Ponds
    Holborn has Lakes and
    Trafalgar Square has Rivers

  25. Today Sunderland has machine 1 out of order but machine 2 is working with spring blooms

  26. Today the following offices had

    Holborn (from left to right)
    (2) Machin (no date)
    (1) Ponds

    100003 Farringdon Road
    (1) Pigs

    100003 Ludgate Circus Post & Go (or Tudor Street as we know it)
    From right to left
    (2) Formerly (1) Pigs
    (3) Formerly (2) Out of Service (as usual)
    (4) Formerly (3) Spring Blooms

    1. The pond has dried up at Holborn which now has undated Machins in both machines.

      Broadway (Victoria) also has undated Machins in both machines.

  27. Hre we go again


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