Sunday 26 January 2014

Surprise new 2nd class coil stamp discovered !

It's the start of 2014 and we thought we knew about all of the stamps were issued - or discovered - in 2013, and they included some surprise 2012 printings.  

In July last we reported the fact that the 2012 2nd class coil (which had been available mint for a while) had now been found used on a bulk mailing.

But now a new version of the 2nd class MRIL has been discovered in kiloware.

We understand that this and the 1st class red were printed by Walsall Security Printers in the second half of 2012.  (The 1st class distributed by Royal Mail Tallents House were MA12, from Enschede.)

This clearly shows M12L - MRIL.  We will be interested to hear of any further findings, especially on whole cover, or enough to show the source, so that we can all look out for them!

UPDATE 6 February 2014
Thanks to John for sending this cover from Christian Aid.  You can't see the iridescent overprint, but John assures me that it is the new M12L MRIL

UPDATE 13 February 2014
Another example has been sent, from Queen Elizabeth's Foundation for Disabled People.   Thanks to 'Boweevil' for this.

UPDATE 14 April 2014
Closer to home, a further example has now been received from the British Heart Foundation, with the same postmark as the Christian Aid one.  The return address is Melksham SN12 6WF

UPDATE 21 June 2014
The Centrepoint charity is also using this new stamp, with the same postmark as the QEF one.  Centrepoint's mailing house has used other 2nd class coils - and also M11L business sheet and 2nd Large MA12 business sheet.

UPDATE February 2015
Latest mailshots from CentrePoint are using pre-security coils with ordinary gum.


  1. There are some examples of the 17/05/12 printing of the 2nd Class 2B business sheets with a very dry print of the iridion ink on the righthand side of the second panel down. I have a very clear MBII where MBIL should be.

  2. Since the first one found above I have managed to get hold of another of these. The second one has a very recent cancellation which could suggest a further new printing in addition to the original. Let's wait and see.
    Regards Gary

    1. From the limited information available from Royal Mail (and we are grateful for what we have got!) I doubt that there was yet another printing. It is more likely that the direct/bulk mailing houses used this newer stock quite recently, and it is only now coming through in kiloware.

      I don't think there is any real need for either Royal Mail or the users to adopt the 'first-in-first-out' method of stock control, which means that they are not used in order of receipt.

  3. Many apologies for my 'mistake' above. I meant 2nd Class CB obviously! Yet nobody noticed?

  4. Well that didn’t take long for the mint examples of the 2nd class to appear on eBay

  5. Hi Ian,

    Just to let you know that my wife has pulled one of these from kiloware collected at Reading during October/ November 2013. Only one example from 20 kilos of business mail. Do you want a scan ?

  6. These are turning up in force now. Used copies are on Ebay. For example,

    Also plenty of mint copies are being offered by r20eeh and moderngbstamps. Ebay users will recognise these as being the aliases of two well-known Machin dealers.

  7. As each coil of the 1st class will yield 2000 strips of 5 could we see the Walsall version any time soon?

  8. The picture above was taken by myself along with 2 others. All were sold on Ebay. All came from invoices sent to a Teesside company. Origin still unknown.


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