Friday 31 January 2014

Spring Stampex - changes to announced Post and Go set-up

The main programme for Post and Go machines in 2014 is on this post.

The Union Flag stamp was not originally intended to be provided from the Back-Office machines (B1 & B2).  However as these machines are new, showing a new datastring, Royal Mail have made the Union Flag available from machine B2.

I don't know whether this will be on all four days.

According to the Postagelabelsuk blog new 'Series B' machines will be in use in 2014, starting at Stampex.  These will be taller and have improved capabilities.  The datastring will be

B2GB14 A001-0000-001

B indicating series B, and A001 being the machine number.  Machines A002, A003, and A004 will be the self-service machines at Stampex.

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