Monday 27 January 2014

Cricket and the Royal Marines are subjects of spring Commemorative Sheets.

Royal Mail will issue two Commemorative Sheets this spring.  February will mark the 150th Anniversary of the founding of Middlesex County Cricket Club.  In March a second premium priced sheet will mark the 350th Anniversary of the Royal Marines.

Middlesex County Cricket Club whose patron is HRH Prince Philip was founded in February 1864 and is one of the 18 county clubs that make up the English and Welsh domestic cricket league. They play most of their home games at Lord’s Cricket Ground in St John’s Wood, which is the Home of Cricket.

To mark its 150th anniversary Royal Mail has created a Commemorative Sheet in close liaison with Middlesex County Cricket Club that features the great players who have represented the club. It also provides details of the key moments in the club’s history on the backing card to complete the story. This is the first time Royal Mail has featured a cricket club in its Commemorative Sheet programme: issue date 25 February 2014.

Two special postmarks will be in use on the date of issue both from Royal Mail's London Special Handstamp Centre:

The Royal Marines, which is a crucial part of the Naval Service acting as the United Kingdom’s Commando Forces and the Royal Navy’s amphibious troops, was founded in 1664. Prince Philip, His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh and Captain General of the Royal Marines is quoted as saying, “The whole value and essence of Royal Marines Commandos is that they can undertake any kind of military or security job under any conditions anywhere In the world at a moment’s notice”.

Royal Mail is marking the 350th anniversary of the Royal Marines with a special ‘By Sea, by Land’ Commemorate Sheet which tells the story of the regiment from its formation to the present day. Produced in collaboration with the Royal Marines an istorians, it provides an insight into the command structure of the regiment and contains contemporary illustrations and pictures of the Royal Marines in action during key moments in its history.  The sheet will be issued on 25 March 2014.

UPDATE 10 March 2014:
These special postmarks have been announced for this sheet:

13059 - London Handstamp Centre, Mount Pleasant
13066 - Wales and West Handstamp Centre, Cardiff
13064 - Midland Handstamp Centre, Birmingham


  1. Replies
    1. £14.95 as usual. The price may increase after issue if postage rates increase much in April.

  2. Perhaps a silly question from a lady who used to be blond, but do you know if these sheets will eventually be allocated a special page in the regular DAVO or Stanley Gibbons albums or should I see them a Smiler Sheets (which I don't actually collect)? I'm a bit out of the loop here in Clogland and have to rely on the Internet for most of my information.

    1. Hi Sue,

      Not a silly question, but one that I can't answer. Commemorative Sheets have been issued for a number of years so if there are pages for them, then there will be pages for this. But maybe you could contact Gibbons direct through their website. If I remember, I'll ask them tomorrow at Stampex.



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