Monday 22 October 2012

Perth Post and Go Faststamps

Thanks to Richard I am now able to show the Machin and Union Flag Faststamps from the Exhibition at Perth

UPDATE 22 October 21.00
If you wanted these and had read the original post in our blog, you could get them for face value plus postage and packing.  

If you didn't and buy them on eBay, you might pay these prices, which some collectors did this evening.  It pays to be informed, doesn't it?

Collectors strip of 6 on Union Flag £35.02 (face £6.42)
Ditto on Machin  £38.77
single 1st class on Machin £8.71
(face £0.60)
single 1st class on Flag £7.75 


  1. Im glad I read your blog and got in at face value. I see on eBay there is a buy it now for £25.00 for either machin head or union flag.

  2. Amen to that! Fed up of having to pay through the nose for all these 'varieties'. Thanks Ian for your tip on ordering direct from the exhibition. The problem is, now that this type of overprint has been tried outside of Stampex, how many issues a year will we be expected to buy?

    1. Well, it's thanks to Colin at the Perth Congress and Exhibition that we have this, and I pushed him to provide details for mail-order enquiries (because I didn't want to have to field them all!!)

      I understand that there may be several more such overprints THIS year. Whether the organisers tell us, and provide details that can be published here - whether they even deal with mail order enquiries - I don't know. If we're told, we'll publish.

      As for being 'expected to buy' them, that again is up to each collector. Personally I am suggesting that collectors who want examples may content themselves with just a single 1st class. You can't possibly have all examples of errors and misprints - unless you have plenty of money.

      And if your collecting is governed by what's in the SG Concise catalogue, you will go for a very simplified collection. As far as I know only the Michel ATM catalogue will go into detail (mine is the 2008/9 edition so includes only the Framas).

    2. When you look at the few sellers with these on eBay and check their locations and then look at the distance to Perth I think these prices are not too bad. The return train fare alone to Perth would cost far more.

    3. I'm an old cynic, but I suspect some of the eBay sellers bought their copies from Colin at face value!

    4. Yup, you are, though i don't blame you! Colin hasn't sent them out yet, and I know for a fact that two of the eBay sellers were there in person.

      However, it appears that only a few people were buying in quantity from the machines on the Friday, and few regular visitors to the stamp fair and exhibition. On the other hand they bought in quantity, and Colin also had large orders from overseas. The early birds will catch the worms - when I last looked on eBay the price of collectors strips seemed to have settled between £22 and £25.

  3. As always I am grateful to Ian for publishing info like this, particularly as I acted on that info and bought direct too. But the thought of multiple overprints in the near future probably menas I will have to revise what I collect. Keep up the good work!


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