Tuesday 9 October 2012

First Local Overprint on Faststamps at Congress

The 94th Philatelic Congress of Great Britain will take place in Perth, Scotland, from 20-22 October 2012.  (see details on the Perth 2012 website.

For the first time outside London, there will be Post and Go machines at the Exhibition and Congress, and one of these will have a unique overprint available for only 3 days.

- Post and Go at Perth 2012 -

Royal Mail will be providing two ‘Next Generation’ Post and Go Units at Perth 2012. These units are A1 and A2 and had their debut at Autumn Stampex in September 2012. Each stamp purchased is vended with a unique number and optionally an overprint, depending on the reel chosen. Stamp reels may change during the course of an exhibition.

One of the machines will use the unique overprint available only at Perth:

PERTH 2012
  19-22 OCTOBER

The stamps to be used are the Union Flag and Machin head. Collectors may purchase individual stamps via on screen buttons or use the ‘Collectors Strip’ buttons to print all six price variants of the stamps on each reel.

Edit: Clarification of dates.  The dates on the overprint will be as now shown above.
The Congress runs from 19-22 October, but the Exhibition is only 19 & 20th. From this I believe that Congress Delegates will be able to access the machines on any day, but other visitors may only be able to access the machines on Exhibition days.


Now that Congress is finished, no more orders for these can be accepted by the organisers. Some are listed on eBay by people who bought at the Exhibition/Congress.

We have no stock of the Perth overprints.

As I wrote originally, we shall not be obtaining large stocks of these as a matter of course, though we will have a few. I suggest our regular customers should order direct in this case to save additional costs.  
Collectors can obtain them either mint or on cover.  Details are shown below. 

Cost of covers with the Post and Go stamp(s) and cancellation is £3.50 plus shipping (£1.50 UK / Europe and £2.50 outside Europe)

Post and Go stamps will be sent at cost plus shipping (£1.50 UK / Europe and £2.50 outside Europe)

Prices of stamps are:
1st class - 60p;  Collector's set of 6 values - £6.42

Orders with cheques/postal orders in sterling payable to 'ASPS' to Colin G Campbell, 11 Denoon Terrace, Dundee, DD2 2EL, Scotland, UK
Purchases can be made using the Paypal account dundeephilatelic@btinternet.com

(As stamps are being sold at face value collectors might like to send the money as a gift [fees paid by sender], or add an extra 50p to cover PayPal deductions.)

Email orders and enquiries should be sent to the same address.

Orders will be posted with a Faststamp if possible.  Orders which include covers will be sent after they have been postmarked by the Royal Mail special handstamp centre. As these centres are still busy with gold medal and subsequent new stamp issues this may take some time.  Please be patient !! 


  1. is there anyway to order these stamps

    1. I told their press officer that enquiries would undoubtedly follow and you are the first (after me!) to want some.

      I hope to provide some details here later. Keep watch!

  2. I'd just like to offer a word of thanks to both Ian and Colin for giving us an opportunity to get these - I live down under, so no chance of going to the Exhibition - but was able to order a strip from Colin. You are both gentlemen!

    1. Thank you Daniel!

      I hope that organisers of others events where the machines are located will also supply the stamps and provide details to me so that I can add them here. I know of one 2013 event, and have spoken to one of the organisers: they are now considering what they ought to do, and how they will be able to do it!


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