Wednesday 18 January 2012

50th Ann of James Bond - Commemorative Sheet 1 May 2012

Royal Mail are marking the 50th anniversary of the James Bond series with a very special limited edition commemorative sheet, featuring ten iconic Bond movie poster labels alongside ten, first class, Union Flag stamps.

With 22 movies to choose from however, the task of deciding exactly which of the iconic Bond images will make it into the pack is fiendishly difficult. Which is where you come in because the final ten posters will be chosen not by Royal Mail, but by you, Bond’s most loyal fans. Every Bond movie poster from the last 50 years is available here to view, allowing you the once in a lifetime opportunity to decide which of your favourite ten will be immortalised in this special edition.

The individually numbered, limited edition Commemorative Sheet celebrating 50 years of James Bond will be launched by Royal Mail on 1st May 2012.

The sheet will be similar to this one for Halley's Comet.

Even if you don't want to buy it you can influence which posters are included and say that you had a say in the design of one of Royal Mail's expensive collector's products.

Royal Mail rejected a proposal by a customer to create a sheet showing bawdy cartoon picture postcards such as were/are sent in their millions every year on the grounds of possible offence due to near-nudity etc. Now look at the James Bond selection. I wonder if they will include the top ten voted for if they include, for example, For Your Eyes Only, which was topping the poll when I made my selection?

Updated April 2012 - See comments: RM rejects another Bamforth postcard Business Sheet.


  1. mmm £13.95 subject to tariff..I think I will stick to my Postage Labels.

    1. Thank you. I'd forgotten the last rise.

      We're overdue for an announcement about the tariff change: I think things will get expensive this year!

  2. Have we not been here already? What was the James Bond set of stamps issued for in 2008? Do we really need another commemorative sheet?

    1. The 2008 set was an Ian Fleming commemoration, rather than James Bond. At that time Royal Mail resorted to using the book covers; I can't remember the details but there were some problems with using anything to with the films - at least for FDC producers and postmark sponsors.

      But most collectors I know don't collect the Commemorative Sheets. Most of the time there is no new stamp involved and these are really aimed at fans of the films, just as the 800th Anniversary of the University of Cambridge appealled to alumni - lots of them!

  3. Looks like history is repeating itself as the Daily Mail reports another rejection by Royal Mail of a Bamforth Business Sheet which would have featured their postcards -


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