Friday 27 January 2012

Happy New Year - 2012 security code found

The first Machins with a 2012 year code have been found - the retail book of 12 x 2nd class, with code M12L MTIL.

When we get stocks we will keep these for regular customers and add them to our online shop.
(sorry, we still don't have any! 10 Feb 2012)

Thanks to RP for passing on this from JB.

Thanks also to Kevin who reports that the booklets have a packing date of 03/01/12 - and they've managed to get them into Post Offices already.  This is Swindon-delivered stock, not something sent out from Royal Mail Direct to a corner shop or supermarket!  That doesn't mean, of course, that Swindon might not have 2011 stock under the 2012. It does make me wonder how big the print run was for the 2011 12 x 2nd with FSC advert issued only at the end of last October. 

Let us know if you find any of the 2012 stamps!  Booklets from non-post office outlets seem to be the most likely finds, but 12 x 1st are unlikely as the uncoded Jubilee stamps are in use.


  1. Thanks for the report Ian I never gave these a thought for 2012.

    1. Interesting question on these is when were they printed? And just how large will the 2011 printing of these with the FSC logo on the cover if they have the 2012 already?

      Well we know that the retail 6 x 1st will be Olympics at least for some of the time. That's for offices which have them - they weren't on automatic distibution. Mind you, the olympics are suppose to be off-sale February to July, so there could be 6 x 1st gold M12L?

      So far the retail 12 x 1st are not on automatic distribution; our office has the miniature sheet but not the booklets. The DJ 12 x 1st will replace gold. In March the same will apply to 4 x 1st Large.

      2nd Large should appear with M12L, 1st Large COULD appear with M12L.

      And we don't know whether the Business Sheets will have been on automatic distribution - or if the gold will continue until branches re-order!


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