Tuesday 1 February 2011

Retail Booklet - British Heart Foundation 24 February 2011

The 50th Anniversary of the BHF will be marked by the issue of a retail book containing 4 x 1st class Machin stamps and 2 x last year's 1st class Medical Breakthroughs.  The Machins have security codes MCIL and M11L for 2011 even though the packing date on the outer wrapper is 02/12/10; the barcode is 5014721 112305.

Cylinder booklet

Close-up of Cylinder Numbers, almost hidden in the background printing.  Just visible above the 'Oth' is the number for the gold base cylinder, followed by the gold overlay.  The phosphor cylinder may be next, or it may be a space - certainly the gap between the two golds and the yellow is larger than one would expect for a single cylinder number.  To the right of the yellow are magenta, cyan, black and grey.

This is not regarded as a new stamp issue by Royal Mail so there are no First Day Covers.  Special postmarks are shown on our retail booklets webpage.


  1. The booklet finally arrived from Tallents House today and there is no evidence of any cylinder numbers. Being new to booklet collection, is this typical?

  2. Christopher, I'm afraid it is these days! Booklets are packed in 50s. Distribution of cylinder booklets within a pack are:

    The maximum number of cylinder books per pack is 25. Most packs have no cylinder books (54% of production), some have 13 cylinder books (39%), and others have 25 per pack (7%).


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