Tuesday 22 February 2011

Machin definitive changes and new issues in 2011 - update

As we now have the low value stamps we can show pictures of the sheets and sheet margins.

It's been suggested that rather than collecting cylinder blocks and date blocks some collectors will just collect whole sheets.  Fine for these few, total cost £9.50, but 25 @ £1.65?  I don't think so!

The 1p & 10p values are printed in 12 positions on the cylinder as shown on the grid at the lower left.

The other cylinder has 2p in column 1, 5p in column 2 and 20p in column 3.  It would, therefore, be feasible to have a press sheet three columns (counter-sheets) wide containing all three values, although these are only likely to be in the archive.


  1. Hi ,i purchased 2 machin presentation packs (pack 90) on Tuesday and the low values were missing. The remaining stamps are centred within the pack, so i presume the low values were never there in the first place. It does say issue date of 29.3.11 and the low values were issued earlier. Can't see any packs similar to mine on Ebay etc. Any thoughts on this?

  2. I think packs were assembled with 4 stamps and then they decided to add the 5 low values; it's not unknown for older stamps to be added to packs. (2009 Recorded Signed For stamps were added to 2010 tariff change pack.)

    I've raised it with Royal Mail, but no answer from them yet.


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