Thursday 17 February 2011

BPMA - We're not going to Swindon after all.

We've waited for a comprehensive National Postal Museum since London's King Edward Building was sold in 1998.  The British Postal Museum & Archive, currently based in Freeling House, Mount Pleasant, with stores at Debden in Essex and a Community Museum at Blist's Hill in Ironbridge, had big plans for a new centre in converted railway premises in Swindon.  They even secured some Heritage Lottery Funding. 

But the main part of the funding was still down to Royal Mail - and it is now reported that as Royal Mail have decided they cannot afford this funding, the BPMA trustees "have decided not to continue with plans to develop a new base in Swindon, Wiltshire."

See their blog statement here.

The country which invented the postage stamp hasn't had a postal museum for 13 years.  So, let's pass the hat round and see if we can raise £20 million between us.  Given the number of collectors and businesses which make money from the hobby, it ought to be possible, surely?


  1. Can somebody trustworthy(!) start the fund? I agree, this is an important part of our heritage which should be kept before it falls into an uncertain future!

  2. Anybody can donate direct to BPMA, using the 'Donate' link on their 'Support Us' page:


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